Angela Crisafulli, LMT  
Serenity Unlimited Massage
Specializing in Stress Reduction and Peaceful Relaxation

Angela Crisafulli, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist
Longmont, CO
720-278-3329 (text)

Therapeutic Massage with an
Intuitive Approach
Angela is a licensed massage therapist in Longmont, CO,
specializing in stress reduction and 'TLC For Healers".  
Angela's sensitivity and gentle approach have made her a favorite with clients and with other healing arts practitioners. She works hard to bring 'Healing to the Healer', understanding the stress involved in 'doing the work', knowing that for total healing to occur you must work on all levels of being. She counts among her clientele other massage therapists and energetic practitioners. Not only does she massage the physical body, she also has the ability to connect with the soul.
With almost 30 years of experience, she does eclectic Swedish massage, sometimes integrating the use of Trigger Point Therapy along with different energy modalities such as Polarity, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, and other intuitive techniques.  She approaches the body intuitively, her hands knowing just where to go, how much pressure to use, and how best to bring peace and comfort to body/mind/spirit.  She can incorporates the use of essential oils upon request. Appointments can be made on-line for your convenience, and check out her special offers and massage packages. Don't forget Gift Certificates for your friends and family (as well as yourself - you deserve it).
Now offering Pre-Surgery Stress Reduction Massage

In Longmont, Colorado
She can be reached via e-mail at

"When we stimulate the skin, we can cause, literally,
a shower of healing chemicals into our blood stream."
......Deepak Chopra about Massage
Angela has very sensitive hands, and she intuitively knows what my body, mind and spirit need during a session. I have always felt supported on all levels with Angela, and have a session with her whenever I need TLC for my muscles or my emotions. She really is able to hold such a space of  love--what an angel!
...........S. D. CMT, Healing Touch Practitioner - Boulder, CO

I turn to Angela when I need deep, emotional rest. Her bodywork style is thoughtful and gets to the heart of what I need
. ...C. H., CMT, Healing Touch Practitioner - Longmont. CO

Angela Crisafulli is a very gifted massage therapist. Her gentle, nurturing touch is healing in all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. I highly recommend her to all who want a caring, sensitive, and effective massage therapist
. ....P.S., Reiki Master, Quantum Touch Practitioner, Boulder, CO
Regular Massage Sessions are approximately 60 - 75 minutes.
Session times do not include intake/discussion

24 hour notice required
Regular Massage Session - $65
30 minute add-on - $30
(This can be added to any gift certificate)

Healing Arts Practitioners Only
Special discounts available for veterans, seniors, and students

"In your practice you focus on the person you are touching.  That is what the great prophets of all times have done.  They did not focus on statistics relating to the average income, number of crimes committed, unemployment, or divorce rates.  They cared for the person in pain who stood before them."
Dr. Bernie Siegel about massage.