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Automatic Writing
with VEN

Bennett, CO
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Although Ronny has been a conduit for messages from the spirit world her entire life, she was taught to automatic write in her mid teens.  While 'Ven', her constant companion in Spirit has been her primary contact, she has also written with several other energies over the years.  In all that time, information about Universal Laws has been revealed to her, allowing Ronny to develop the spiritual philosophy by which she lives.  In addition, she received the blessing of abundant help with dealing with the workings of the “real” world.  Ronny offers you the opportunity to have a conversation with Ven, who is connected to the spirit world.  She does this by typing into a computer word processor and will give you a printed copy of the reading at the end of your session.
My definition of automatic writing is the ability to consciously connect with another energy by allowing that energy to express itself through a human being via the activity of writing (or typing).  Unlike channeling, wherein the communication is unilateral and requires the complete surrender of the human, automatic writing is an interactive exchange of questions and answers and requires only minimal surrender.

As opposed to more ancient forms of divination, such as tarot cards, runes, observing animal behavior and the like, automatic writing, by these standards, is relatively new.  The primary reason for this is that, up until about a century and a half ago, there was a lack of the tools to do so.  For one, literacy of the general populace was not common.  In addition, paper and writing instruments were not standard in most households until the early 1900's.
There is some evidence that automatic writing can be traced back to the court of Queen Elizabeth the 1st in the late 1500's.  Reportedly, she had an interest in psychic phenomena, so it is likely that the scribes in her court practiced it.  Subsequently, the scribes of other European monarchs may have, also.  However, during that time and for centuries thereafter, the common folk continued to rely on dreams and other forms of divination as stated above.
Automatic writing became popular in the mid 1800's.  However, it was often used inappropriately, and scoundrels and scam artists abounded.  This, along with the growing Spiritualist movement, sparked a congressional investigation in the United States when auto-writing was at its height in the 1920's.
In the 1930's and 40's, there were a few horror movies made, which defamed auto-writing and proposed horrible outcomes from its practice.  Consequently, it fell out of favor for a person to be recognized as one who could do it.

Over the years, there has been a great debate about where the information comes from.  Carl G. Jung, (1875 - 1961), in my opinion, was one of the greatest of the early psychologists.  His opinion was that the information obtained while automatic writing was received from an alternate personality of the writer.  Unlike his colleague, Sigmund Freud, Jung did not ascribe much power to the influence or complexes of the physical human form.  Rather, Jung's theories were more holistic, encompassed the aspects of personality, actions of the mind and the power of thought.  Throughout his lifetime, Jung was intrigued with psychic experiences and how archetypes and our cultural beliefs influence us, both as individuals and a collective.  Among many other words and phrases, he coined the collective energy field, “the collective consciousness”.  Additional theories include that the writer is connecting to angels or other discarnate entities or energies, while others believe the connection is with our higher selves, tapping into the knowledge of All That Is.

As for what I think?  It really does not matter to me.  I have practiced auto-writing for over 36 years.  The information I have been given has always been positive, constructive and helpful to me.  I have enjoyed many benefits from my experience.  Insight and intuition become more acute and flow more freely when I write often.  New or different perspectives are revealed, which prompt me to see a broader picture of any situation about which I may be concerned.  Spiritual insights are revealed to me, boosting my spiritual growth.  In addition, I feel blessed to know that I am never really alone.  I always have a best friend by my side.
You can meet Ronny at some of the fairs sponsored by BHA.               

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