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Be yourself -
Everyone else is taken!
Aura Photographs/readings are a powerful aid to understanding one's life pattern and potential. Are you a healer, a mystic, a minister, teacher or cosmic peaceworker?
Belle's services are many.  She offers Aura Photography & Reading, Totally Inexpensive Private Aura Parties, Life Coaching.  Also available are hand-crafted Chakra Necklaces and Gemstone Jewelry. 
Belle is a Psychology graduate of Barat College in Lake Forest Illinois and a member of IONS, AHP and ISSSEEM. She has had 10 years of Wicca training with Alice Regardie and another 10 in the 12-step  programs. Belle also holds a 2nd degree in Reiki and is a Yoga Kriyaban in the Self Realization Fellowship. She has had three years of Huna training in Soul Recovery, Energetic Rebalancing and Negative Energy Removal with Kahuna Mark Saito and extensive training with Brugh Joy MD in uncovering Archetypal patterning. Belle is also a certified Master Life Coach (Coach for Life Program) and Hypnotherapist, and is a permanent staff member of the Institute of Noetic Science's Nine Gates Mystery School, led by Gay Luce, for the past 30+ years in California.
Swarovski crystal chakra necklaces and other gemstone jewelry
are hand-crafted by Belle.  See more on her web site.
Chakra Necklaces

Belle Star
7 Chakra Necklace
Four-way gemstone pendant necklaces
Belle Star
Gemstone Pendant Necklaces