Wellness Professionals
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Professional Trainings in Energy Therapies

Therapies to help you relieve pain
and enjoy a healthier life

A therapeutic bodyworker for over 25 years, Gary is a
national educator and a leader in the natural health field.

Nationally certified in Polarity Therapy and approaching national certification in CranioSacral Therapy, Gary teaches trainings in Polarity Therapy all over the U.S., including Ohio, California, Washington, and Hawaii.  In addition to working with all sorts of conditions, he specializes in working with Trauma and Nervous System Overload.   For over 6 years Gary and his wife Bonnie served as co-directors of the American Polarity Therapy Association.  Gary and Bonnie (who is also trained in Polarity Therapy, Manual Lymph Drainage and Craniosacral Therapy) share their office in Longmont and are now ready to help you relieve pain and enjoy a healthier life!

Here are some of the therapies offered through
Wellness Professionals

Polarity Therapy
Works gently with all sorts of conditions, from muscle pain to digestive problems to stress and nervous system overload.  Pain and tension are transformed into relaxation and vitality.
Craniosacral Therapy
Deeply relaxing and has been proven effective for stress, neck & back pain, headaches, TMJ and facial pain, birth trauma, nervous system overload, and much more.  Gentle, yet very powerful.

Trauma Therapy
Helps you safely discharge the effects of trauma and nervous system overload from your body.  Have you...Been in an accident?  Been in surgery?  Suffered loss of a loved one or other difficult traumas?  Here is a gentle and effective way to help you heal.
Manual Lymph Drainage
A gentle rhythmic therapy, cleansing the body's tissues, strengthening the immune system and relieving edema and other fluid retention.

Massage Therapy

The trusted and reliable way to soothe tight, aching muscles.  We adjust our touch to address your individual needs and to maximize results.