What is your ideal life? What level of prosperity, confidence, or connection with the spirit would you like to have?  Kaedrich Olsen, CCHt, uses the latest Transpersonal Hypnotherapy techniques integrated with energy healing, runic counseling, psychotherapy, and his intuitiveness to help you discover who you really are. At a young age, Kaedrich discovered his abilities in Spirit Communication and Clairsentience and has been helping people to gain a strong spiritual connection for over ten years.
"Together we can help remove all the blocks and negative influences trapping you in your present state of being. You may begin to discover greater confidence, freedom from old habits and thoughts, increased prosperity, and a stable spiritual connection."

You can become the person you have always imagined!

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Boulder, CO 80308


"Thank you. I mean really...thank you. You have been a big help on this. I am just 'being'" - H

"Because of the deep trust I feel in Kaedrich's presence, I am able to relax and access the healing place inside of me. His strong heart holds my place while I venture into new areas. I cannot think of a better partner for spiritual, mental, and psychological growth." -W

"Kaedrich has a wonderful healing presence. He provides an atmosphere of total acceptance and wisdom; making the large blocks feel small" -S