Transformational Energy Work
Intuitive Integrative Massage
Shenoah Dixon, CMT
You are invited to expand your heart energy and
feel your connection to the Divine as a pathway
to gratitude, inspiration, empowerment,
and transformation.

Shenoah Dixon, CMT
Boulder, Colorado
Now available in Chicago and in Colorado
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Shenoah is a gifted “sensitive” and works with both the physical body as a massage therapist and the more subtle levels of energy through an intuitive blend of energetic modalities and the truth of her own path.As her studies have continued over the years, a synthesis of that which has been learned is woven into a unique matrix for healing.  Her work is heart-centered and evokes her deep relationship with the heavens and the earth.  The most important elements in her work are the connection with the Divine, and holding the space for a client to embrace the unfoldment.  
Understanding the natural process of transition, Shenoah holds a deep listening with a client, bringing forth a greater awareness and appreciation of one's true nature and purpose, and new possibilities for deeper soul expression.  You are invited to expand your heart energy and feel your connection to the Divine as a pathway to gratitude, inspiration, empowerment, and transformation.  Some transformational tools include, but are not limited to:

Healing Touch
CranioSacral Balancing
Axiatonal Alignment
12-Strand DNA Reconnection
Shamanic Journey Retrievals
Sacred Geometry         
Gems and Stones
Therapeutic Essential Oils
Flower Essences
Shenoah's transformation-oriented energywork opens doorways to deeper levels of possibility, including reawakening to your Light.  As you embody more levels of your being, it is through a gentle opening of the Heart that the Light can bring forth that which you already are - a Divine Being of Light and Love!     

This Light-Heart Connection assists in the activation and reclaiming of one's Light, through which the power of Love emanates.  This translates into a greater ability to express your purpose, to utilize your unique talents and gifts, and experience more profound joy as you live through your heart.

Shenoah lives and practices in Boulder, Colorado. Her life's passion is embracing health, wholeness and empowerment by inviting your body, mind, spirit and heart to open and align more deeply.

What Clients have to say:

I have had many sessions with Shenoah Dixon over the past few years.  She is a person I highly value as a healer and therapist in the healing arts.  She has led me through many layers and levels of healing and experience and I keep coming back to her.  Her non-judgmental way of relating to me and other clients helps so much to augment the healing process in opening the heart in all the levels.  As a Hospice R.N. and practitioner of the psychic and healing arts myself, I believe many people would benefit from Shenoah's work and connection to Spirit.  
Peggy O'Neil, R.N.
Boulder, CO

Shenoah has an incredible gift as a healer.  Her kind and gentle spirit makes the healing journey a safe process.  I have in the past and will continue to recommend her to my friends.
Clare Curtin
Longmont, CO

Member Boulder Healing Arts Association