Zoilita Grant, MS, MCHC
Life and Business Coach

My purpose is to support the evolution of humanity through the transformation of consciousness.
200 Lincoln St.
Longmont, CO 80501

I have learned the power of hypnosis through the impact on my life and the
lives of thousands of people. I have worked with over the last 40 years.
For most of my adult life I practiced psychotherapy specializing in
counseling hypnotherapy. I practiced in three different states and two
countries and always made an exceptional living and loved what I did. I
was able to make a six figure income by the early 1990’s and maintain that
consistently until I stopped practicing hypnotherapy in 2007. I now
practice primarily as a spiritually based business coach. I help business
owners who are spending too much time at work to clarify and prioritize
their focus so that they can make more money and work a lot less. I help
my clients: Know where you're going. Strategize your actions, Upgrade your
skills, Maximize Your Environment and Master yourself. I have dedicated
much of my life to helping people help themselves. I can now see that
coaching is a perfect model to do that! I have a line of Hypnosis CDs for
the public and have written and self published over twenty-seven books for
Hypnosis practitioners. I grew up in Berkeley, California during the
1960’s and have spent my whole life focused on facilitating human
potential. I am internationally known in hypnosis and have been practicing
for nearly 40 years. I have learned five styles of hypnosis. I now
practice exclusively as a coach. I have been working with angels and
spirit guides since my childhood and also do spiritual coaching. I offer
business and spiritual coaching classes, and private coaching sessions in
business and spiritual development. I maintain a private coaching practice
at 200 Lincoln St. in Longmont, Colorado as well as by phone and skype. I
am also the director of the Colorado Coaching and Hypnotherapy Training
Institute 303-776-6103. Practice # 303-834-5040. Please visit my web sites:

Hypnosis creates great transformation from the inside out!

Easy Childbirth Through Hypnosis
This CD is designed to help you to have an easy and comfortable birth. Your body is ideally designed to give birth. It is only the mind or emotions that get in the way. By using this CD on a daily basis, your incredibly powerful mind then helps your body do what it is designed to do: give birth in an easy and comfortable way. This CD is not meant to replace pre-natal care, but is a tool to help you use your own mind to create an easy & comfortable way.
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“My experience at CSCH was enlightening and life changing! Zoilita brings her depth of knowledge and true wisdom into the classroom and into her relationships with her students. This approach to Hypnotherapy is empowering and truly does support and encourage self-healing."
.........Amanda Wallace, MA. C.C. Ht

“Attending the Colorado School of Counseling Hypnotherapy is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It is changing my life. Because not only are we taught how to heal others, we, ourselves are healed in the process. It is truly a totally fulfilling process and learning experience.”
.............Alice Lindenmeyer CCHt