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Membership Information and requirements.

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For an Application request, send us an email with a little background information about yourself and why you would like to join BHA.

We will then email you a .pdf file or word document for you to fill in (or print and fill in) and email back (or scan/take photo and email back).  A Word doc is also available if easier.

Requested one-time donation for membership is $120.00

A web page is included with fully paid membership, so please go to the Web Page Info to see what will be needed.

Upon receipt of your application, we will arrange for an interview and a session with a BHA representative to sample your work as per membership info.  Before acceptance, we do require you to attend a Healing Arts Sampler as part of the interview process.
Thanks for your interest in joining our group.  We look forward to working with you.
For those of you who would like to become business members, you can use the same application.
Just fill out the information that is relevant to your business.

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