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Please include the following information for your web page
and e-mail the info to
Include a recent photo for the web page and directory.
This page is more of an on-line brochure, and not a full web site.
Please send the information in paragraph form - not as a list.  Make it a colorful announcement of your services, background, etc.  You may include a fee schedule, if you wish. A blog is also available instead of a web page, or for an additional $25 you may have it plus the web page.  The blog will enable you to have control of your page, post comments, make announcements, etc. This may be good for you if you participate in different events or have information to share on a regular basis.  The web page is updated occasionally and you will receive an email message about that.  If you need to update the information or a photo, send an email.

If you would like a web site, ask about special pricing.

If you already have a web site, I can take some information from that site for your page.  
Name - for public view
Business Name - if applicable - for public view.  If you have a logo, send it as a .jpg or .gif or .png file.
Business Address or address you wish to receive public mail at.  
Business telephone number or other contact number + fax if applicable-for public view.
E-mail Address - if applicable - for public view.
Web address if you have your own web site so that this page can link to it, and also for the directory.
Services you offer -  description the services in brief detail.
Products you sell - if applicable.  You may name the type of products without label names or details (unless you make it yourself).  Can include photo of product, especially if you make it yourself.  Example: John also uses and sells nutritional supplements and essential oil products in his practice. If you are a retail business, email me for further details.  No MLM's, please.
A bio - Where trained, how long practicing, other pertinent info that the public should know about you.  Please make the text interesting to your prospective clients - very little editing will be done to pretty it up (some editing may be done to condense content).
Can include up to 3 testimonials from clients
Up to 3  photos and/or pieces of clipart - send via e-mail.  Additional scanning fee applies, if I have to scan an image.

I will email you a link to see some sample web pages styles available that you can choose from.
A few member pages:
Aprylisa Snyder |  Blue Sun Energetics  |  Dennis Perez  |and more (Click the links on the names in the directory).

Healing Arts Full Websites:

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