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Experience profound, positive shifts in your physical and spiritual well being through gentle, non-invasive practices. Resolve Trauma, Back Pain, Migraines, Old Injuries, Emotional and Creative Blocks, Work Issues, Purpose, Relationship Issues, Integrate Extraordinary Life Events, and more. All of which means more time and energy to create a vibrant and joyful life!
Are you struggling with health issues that just don’t go away? Would you like to heal easily, gently with more ease and joy? Do you want to relax, rejuvenate, and connect with your inner wisdom?
"As a conduit for rapid and radical healing, I bring the mystery of holistic energy medicine down to earth to restore optimal health and emotional balance.
It’s not uncommon for my clients to regain lost physical function, clear emotional blocks and heal from chronic pain and diseases in a short period of time.   (Read some of their stories here)"
AvivaLife Energy Medicine System
draws on BodyTalk, Matrix Energetics, Reiki, HMR, Accesss Bars, and other holistic energy medicine approaches to support your unique path to wellness!
Energy medicine operates on the concept that life force energy exists inherently in the body. When this energy is in balance it sustains health and well being. When it is out of balance it is reflected in the body as illness or disease. Clients are healed by the practitioner creating pathways for the body to heal itself. These pathways can be light touch, working with belief systems and consciousness technologies, moving the energy of the body, and listening to the body to guide the healing work.
BodyTalk restores the innate communication within the body so it can work at its peak potential to heal naturally. It is a fast, non-invasive, integrative, and profound energy medicine to support your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. It balances body, mind and spirit in a holistic, integrated way. By letting your body “speak”, BodyTalk can synchronize and stimulate your innate wisdom to return your body to optimal health
Just like BodyTalk for people, BodyTalk for Animals is a way of balancing your pet toward better health and wellness with non-invasive energy medicine

“If not for you, Truman (dog) might not have a chance at life at all. And now, he has a chance not only at life, but a wonderful life.”
HMR® (Holographic Memory Resolution) is a body-mind technique that allows simple, easy access to past memories and the release and resolution of associated painful emotions, without having to re-live them. The technique begins with energy work, inducing a light meditative trance that allows the conscious mind to relax and that gently opens a very safe window into the subconscious. Guided visualization creates a self-healing process that reveals the history of a problem, pattern or illness, and resolves the attached emotions. Concluding energy work “locks in” positive changes to the subconscious, the body, and the energy field.
Matrix Energetics accesses source energy at the quantum level to make changes in the hologram of the body. Matrix Energetics operates from the quantum physics premise that we are in essence comprised of different densities of energy and addresses health issues at the fundamental building blocks of lifeforce.

Reiki is a powerful energy medicine technique now commonly used in hospitals and clinics.
Access Bars are 32 points on the head that store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, attitudes and decisions you have stored in any lifetime. Gently touching each of these points allows this electrical charge to dissipate – creating a sense of peace, space and an awareness of new possibilities in all of these areas. For some, it feels like they had a great massage and for others it can change their whole life! I offer trainings in the technique that you can apply immediately in your practice and your life!
Distance Healing sessions  by appointment via Skype or Gmail Video – email or call to make appt.
What They're Saying: 
Dear Aprylisa,
Thank you so much for helping me with my back pain.  I’ve been suffering for over a month and trying all kinds of therapies that just weren’t helping.  After only one hour session with you over the phone and a short 10 minutes follow-up the next day, the transformation is truly amazing.  I no longer feel that gripping, debilitating pain.  Thank you, thank you….you are a gem!
...In joy, Judy Brandt

“All my energy fields are still gently moving into a new ‘song of light’. Thank you so much for a truly glorious session yesterday. You are a beautiful spirit and being and it was a gift (in many ways, thank you!) and blessing to move with you in a ‘dance and song of glory!’ I am excited about my ‘home work’, which I will embrace and begin today. My sacrum feels alive and truly is grateful for the love it received yesterday and the renewal that arrived… Your gift to the world within your work is extraordinary!”
....Deborah Mitchell

“I have had chronic back pain for months. It has kept me from work. In my session with Aprylisa she barely touched me and I went from a pain level of 10 to 0 in five minutes!”
....Brandi Campbell, Denver

“Aprylisa, I still can’t get over my good fortune in finding you! I feel great!!! My knees already feel much better, and overall, I just feel lighter and more at ease. I feel a great shift. Nurture and play indeed. I just returned from snowboarding.”
....Katie Malchuck, Author & Yoga Instructor