Arlene Cohen Miller
I help people from all walks of life de-stress, heal from the inside out and we get really great results.
Arlene is a Certified Mentor with the CosmosisTM Mentoring Center, a Professional Life Coach and a Tutor on staff with The Global Coaching Academy. A licensed attorney with over thirty years of experience, she has an A-V rating from Martindale-Hubbell (highest), and is an entrepreneur with a proven track record of success.
Arlene is an experienced Negotiating From The Heart TM facilitator, healer, mentor and coach who helps people from all walks of life de-stress and heal from the inside.

Negotiating from the Heart TM

Negotiating From The Heart TM coaching and mentoring is the way of the future.
I help people to have difficult conversations and come out in a win-win situation.  You know those confronting conversations that no one wants to have?  We have all had those, right?  I call them courageous conversations.  I can coach and mentor you to have courageous conversations with success from a heart space, not a fear space.  And, I have an indepth course on this called Negotating from the Heart TM.
As a Negotiating from the Heart TM mentor and coach, I teach you how to have deeper connections and relate with others in meaningful way. Imagine how that will change your life, and lead to greater contentment and success!
Jewel Consultancy
Crystal & Energetic Healing
Longmont, CO

Crystal Healing & Chakra Balancing Session:  
How would you like to experience a multi-dimensional, integrative crystal healing-chakra balancing session?  During your session, a healing energy vortex is set in place that connects you with the Crystal Healing Caves deep within the Heart of the Earth.  A variety of crystal healing wands, crystals and hands-on healing are used to create the maximum healing benefit for you. You will be guided to focus on what to let go of and what to now call forth into you life as we move through the session. We will focus sending deep cleansing, balancing and healing energies to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. At the end of the session, you will be wrapped in a Golden Healing Capsule that will continue to work with her for the next 24 hours.
Crystal Healing-Chakra Balancing  can:
help you sleep better
help you feel happy and peaceful
help you with your romantic life
help you with your children
help you feel vibrant and balanced
help you manifest goals and create abundance in your life
help you improve your intuition so that you begin to 'know' what to do
help you with pain, injury, illness, disease or trauma
help you restore your body to optimum health following surgery, medical treatments or procedures.
help you release attitudes and habits that are not serving you.
Spiritual Insight Reading with Chakra Balancing & Crystal Healing:
Would you like to experience the depth, clarity and healing of three-in-one? This session also includes a Spiritual Insight Reading, which is recorded and emailed to you with your personal meditation.  A Spiritual Insight Reading connects you with your Personal Spiritual Entourage, who offer insights and direction about next steps to take to move forward in life. These readings can be quite powerful and profound especially for ones who are open to receiving this deep guidance and love. The Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing and Guided Clearing Meditation will open you to more deeply receiving and utilizing the benefits of the Reading.

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The Looking Glass of Love:
Heal The Children, Heal Your Life

Looking Glass of Love, e-book by Arlene Cohen MillerThe Looking Glass of Love takes you on an amazing healing journey filled with music, stories, ponderings and practical advise.

"The Looking Glass of Love is a beautifully illustrated e-book plus your own personal interactive online journey. The story is my own personal healing journey of raising an ADHD child, facing the impacts of life along the way and coming out on the other side.  Your online environment is filled with audio clips, music, quotes, articles and your own personal journal.  For me, The Looking Glass of Love is coming out of the closet and baring my soul in a not so comfortable way.  My hope is that it motivates and inspires you and opens your heart to the new.  Much love to you, Arlene"

I love the way that Arlene has woven her story into a multi-media experience with music, pearls of wisdom, an on-line journal with tasks to complete and audio resources. It creates a rich tapestry of experience that engages all the senses. I recommend the experience!
---Jennifer Parker, Coach, Mentor, Bowen Therapist, Perth, Australia

Five Star Book Review
It is said that the mark of a master artist is the ability to imbue her work with feeling, but not just any feeling, but rather the feeling of vulnerability - that sort of dangling precariously from out on a thin limb that is seen in the willingness to bear ones soul through the expression of her art. Such a gem is easily overlooked, because quite often the work can lack the bluster of extreme technical prowess that so quickly draws attention to be overlooked like the unpolished diamond mistaken for simple quartz. I caution you not to make that mistake here. Consider the investment of a bit of time taken to peer into this looking glass with the open hearted willingness of a diamond cutter seeking the advent of real beauty. Dare to allow Arlene to share with you of her personal passage into the throes ofuncertainty to arrive ultimately upon the threshold of a greater truth. There is something precious found in bearing witness to such a story recounted in integrity. This branding of honesty into the stuff of courage is rare in my experience. It is a spirit soaking swim along the straits of heart felt emotion to potentially become a work of beauty inscribed into the pages of your own heart. Here is your template, your recipe, your rough pattern for an effort of timeless and yet eternal significance. You are the blank canvas. The masterwork is yours to complete. What an opportunity!     
---Dr. Miles A Moody, North Carolina USA
Crystal Healing-Chakra Balancing:
I learned about Arlene and her crystal healing-chakra balancing work from a mutual friend and patient of mine a few months ago.  I was told she had "something special" to offer.  Always the skeptic,  I thought I'd try a session to check it out and decide if it was something that might benefit my patients.  After 30 years as a practicing Chiropractor , I've had the opportunity to meet and work with many therapists in the healing arts...some talented and others...not so much.  From my initial session with Arlene,  I was convinced that she did in fact have something special to offer!  I left feeling a sense of lightness and well being that I hadn't experienced in a very long time.   I continue to see Arlene personally for sessions on a regular basis and have benefited greatly! I have referred patients to her and will continue to do so as she truly is a confident, intuitive and gifted healer!   ---Dr. David M. Grace, DC
Negotiating From The Heart TM:  Classes, Seminars, Workshops & Retreats
It was a gift to experience the ‘Negotiating from the Heart’ course facilitated by Arlene.  The practical content and heartfelt approach enabled me to identify some old patterning that I discovered was holding back my potential.  After the six-week course the changes seem quite profound.
I now feel to more consistently communicate from a loving space, even in tough negotiations, both with self and others.  In less urgency of heading for the solution, I am curious to spend time building rapport.  In this space, honest communications seem more relaxed with an awareness of unlimited possibilities for all.  Also exciting is with an increased confidence to focus on marketing my new business, client numbers are already increasing!
So if you feel stuck in creating limiting outcomes or you wish for some courage to express yourself with more clarity, then I can highly recommend this course for unfolding so much wondrous insight.   Thank you again Arlene.
......Jen Taylor, Bowen Practitioner, Perth, Australia

Member - Boulder Healing Arts Association