Carolyn Eberle, MA, LPC

Boulder, Colorado
The founder of the Mind Energy Body Institute ME-B  is Carolyn Bucey Eberle MA, LPC, energy healer and CMT, an advocate of integrative healing. The Institute’s mission is to expand the vision of therapy and healing to include an integrated approach working three systems together (mind, energy, body). Carolyn supervises therapists and works with individuals, couples, groups and teaches various workshops.

Mind: identify and change limiting thoughts and behaviors
Energy: charge, strengthen, clear, and balance for optimum health
Body: awareness of how health in every cell of the body is influences by the mind and energy system
It was an amazing experience that we are energy and then learn how to use it to heal myself! - Business Woman

Seeking comfort and finding comfort by learning to experience other realms of myself is what I got from working with Carolyn.
--Massage Therapist
Our internal god-like true self is not devoid of challenging emotions and reactions such as sadness, anger and hate. It does not hold only light but incorporates and integrates the light and the darkness into a powerful and beautiful whole. We do not become more by denying any one part of ourselves. Yet by meeting angry, hurt or abandoned parts with love, non-judgment and compassion, we claim our whole and can realize our individual greatness.

About Carolyn 
Carolyn is a pioneer and innovator. A former Washington, D.C. policy advocate for the underprivileged, Carolyn has been researching and exploring the world of healing for over 20 years. Her Mind, Energy-Body (ME-B) Therapy holds the philosophy that each person has a spirit that has been born into this earth plane to learn, to teach and to fulfill his/her life tasks. The core of this spirit is whole and god-like. Unfortunately, experiences create an internal programming that distorts our identity or sense of self. As a result it distorts our ability to manifest our dreams and ability to anchor into our own beauty and light. Her work and teachings can help participants remember the following:
Carolyn received her Masters degree in Counseling from Regis University in 2003.  A licensed professional counselor, she does Horse Initiated Psychotherapy (HIP), is an advanced studies graduate at The Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH), a certified massage therapist, trained in Reiki, Healing Touch, Energy Healing, Visualization and Eastern and Western Meditation Techniques, Chi Kung, EMDR and other trauma/body psychotherapy techniques.  She works with couples and individuals in the following modalities: Mind Energy Body psychotherapy, counseling, body psychotherapy, EMDR, and hands-on-healing. Issues areas include: trauma, depression, anxiety, adoption and birth trauma, psycho-spiritual dynamics, self-mastery, soul evolution, EMDR, relationship challenges, sexual and attachment issues, and chronic or terminal illness.
Carolyn also served on the staff of Equi-Rhythm, a non-profit equine therapy organization. She is an advocate of integrated healing and an educator in spiritual teaching, energy psychotherapy and somatic bodywork. 
Horse Initiated Psychotherapy

Horse Initiated Psychotherapy (HIP) is the therapeutic process where horses provide an unbiased reflection of clients’ subconscious material so it can be brought to the light with gentleness, kindness and wisdom.
Part of a 30-horse herd. The herd has a blend of “teenager” energy, grandparents and moms and dads. We practice on a 60-acre farm near Foothills and 63rd, in north Boulder, CO
It is our unconscious emotions and misguided beliefs that can cause us hardship. Through interaction with horses, this material is revealed and healing and transformation takes place. Because horses are so sensitive they are excellent at tracking and interacting on the energetic levels, especially when it comes to relationships. They replay the relationship challenges we encounter in your own life and mirror back to us our lessons.
The science of Mind, Energy Body (ME-B) psychotherapy holds the philosophy that all of us have a true healed sense of self. Life experiences create false beliefs about our self. This false sense of self limits us from achieving health, life’s passions and joys. Uncovering the mind, body and energetic defenses that keep false beliefs in place help us open to a deeper and truer sense of who we are. Freedom and personal choice result!
Integrated ME-B therapy understands that each person has a spirit born to learn, teach and fulfill its task. The core of this spirit is whole and god-like. Unfortunately, prenatal and life experiences create internal “wounds” that distort our identity or sense of self and thus our ability to manifest our health and goals. The ME-B Institute combines the mind, energy and body systems together for powerful change, self-growth and transformational healing. They teach students and clients how to own their positive identity when life becomes difficult and challenging. With this ability, we strengthen our own positive true self, eliminate internal conflicts and create joy! We become masters– in life, health, careers, relationships and community.
We do not become more by denying any one part of ourselves. Yet by meeting angry, hurt or abandoned parts with love, non-judgment and compassion, we claim our whole and can realize our individual greatness.
Workshops and classes:
Energy Psychotherapy Training – 10 month comprehensive.
Fundamentals of Barbara Brennan School of Healing.
Monthly Supervision and Personal Process Groups using mind-energy body systems.
Combining EMDR with Subtle Energy Awareness
Three-Rings of Awareness Shape Shifting Your Emotional Realities
TRINITY, a mind-body exercise class that allows people to connect to themselves at the physical, emotional and energetic levels.  

Carolyn is also founder of the Colorado Healers Network (CHN), a free service to support healers from diverse backgrounds. They meet the second Sunday of every month in Boulder and periodically in Denver.
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