Intuitive Insights Massage
Longmont, Colorado

Cheryl has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, and is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Longmont, Colorado for 10+ years. She has been doing energetic healing for 20+ years, and has been a lightbody worker for 20+ years.  She also teaches classes on developing your healing energy, learning to channel your Higher Self, and meditation.  Cheryl has experience working in a variety of settings including chiropractic, spas and salons, assisted living facilities, and home health care. She also provides on-site massage for organizations.
Massage by Cheryl
 Sinus / facial / breast massage
Corporate on-site chair massage
Deep tissue massage
Hot stone massage
Infant through elderly massages
Guided meditation classes
Integrative massage
Healing energy
Cranial-sacral therapy
Ear candling
Immune system strengthening
Circulation improvement
Swedish massage
Trauma release
 Joint pain
 Muscle injuries
Pain relief
 PMS and menopause
Post chemo
Sports injuries
Headaches and migraines
Anxiety and panic attacks
Reduce stress/anxiety
Massage oils
Deep relaxation
Meridian balancing
Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ)

Cheryl offers sessions of massage therapy, energetic healing, and intuitive guidance
Hot Stone Massage-Massage with warm stones and oils placed on your body, leaving you relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired.
Integrative Massage-A full body massage using deep tissue and neuromuscular techniques to relieve knots and tight areas, combined with energetic healing.
Relaxation Massage-A full body massage using aromatherapy oils that ease your body into total relaxation.
Neuromuscular Massage-A therapeutic massage using deeper pressure, focusing on each muscle, to increase flexibility and bring your body into balance.
Sinus Massage-A profoundly relaxing massage using aromatherapy oils and acupressure point massage on the face and neck to relieve sinus congestion. Ear candling may be added.
Ear Candling- Ear candling is an ancient Egyptian technique used to clear earwax from ears and helps to open sinuses.
Healing Energy-Enter a state of deep relaxation while healing energy is administered to a specific area of pain, or to your entire body. This balances your chakras, revitalizes your body, identifies emotional components that are contributing to the physical pain, and allows healing to take place on a very deep level.
Healing energy is used by more than 75,000 nurses in hospitals each year, and these procedures are documented as medical techniques.
The Touch Research Institute at the University of Miamiís Medical School has documented
the benefits of healing energy. The documented studies show that healing energy:
-accelerates the healing of burns
-accelerates the healing of wounds and fractures
-increases the growth rate of premature babies
-improves circulation and breathing after surgery
-improves concentration
-promotes better sleep
Most hospitals in major cities in the United States have medical doctors and nurses that combine medical skills with hands-on healing energy techniques.
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