Magical Awakenings with Dan Liss.  Intuitive readings, energetic healing, ceremony, ritual, and much more.

Longmont, CO

Get answers about Love, Relationships, Money, Career, Health and more...

Trying to decide whether to begin, continue or end a relationship? Stressed over finances and looking for solutions? Contemplating a change of career? Lost your job and looking for another? Trying to sort out family or health issues? Making choices about a spiritual path?

Do you want to try some different ways of looking at your present and your future? Do you want to feel more energized and creative?

Dan's metaphysical training and background extends far beyond his knowledge and ability with cards, and he feels that this contributes to his ability as a reader. He always affirms before he reads that he will be a messenger to bring through something that would be useful for this person to know at this time.

In addition to Tarot Readings, Dan offers Past Life Sessions, Reiki Healing, Dream Interpretation, Clairvoyance, Tantra Training, Palmistry, Pendulum, Stone Casting, Rune Casting, Psychometry (reading by touch), I Ching, Stone Casting, House Blessings, Handfastings (Spiritual Marriage/Committment Ceremonies), Crossing Over Ceremonies, Custom blended perfumes and Magic for special requests
"Last night was such a comforting session. Most of the things we discussed were things that were buried deep in my heart and soul and bringing them to the front as you did brought such clarity. You have not heard the last of me. You will be reading for me again and hopefully for others that I am more than happy to recommend to you..You are a kind and gentle man. Thank you." ---T

"I had several readings that have proven so incredibly accurate, you are amazing. You are an extraordinary, compassionate, generous human spirit at work." ---Marie-Claire Wilson

"Thank you for your reading yesterday! I was so involved with the readings that I didn't feel the time running, but I liked it very much and I needed enough time for all my questions. Many thanks! Blessings" --- Antonio Carlos

"During the reading you gave, you mentioned the need for a nurturing approach when dealing with my father. Not easy, but it's definitely a better route than I've taken previously.I've been getting the Death & Hanged Man cards quite a bit, so change must be required, and soon. Just trusting in the goodness of the universe at this point, and trying to remain open to new possibilities." ---Chad

"It was good to meet you and try the Runes. What you read was very accurate. It was not a great day for me but that made it better." ---Tacy
Dan's Philosophy:
Conversation, coaching, a creative approach to each person's needs and desires, combined with intuitive insights, form the basis of my work which always results in practical advice and suggestions for becoming more proactive in our own lives. All my sessions, whether group or one-on-one, are creative, lively and geared to address your needs and desires.

It is also good to remember that each client also has a part in their own progress, and we all have free will to choose and take action.

Sometimes all it takes for us to experience that moment of clarity and be able to move on is for someone to take the time and energy to be with us and help us recognize our options. I am ready, willing, and able to serve you. Call 720-468-2624, Skype: Dan.Liss2, or email:



Dan is a seasoned gardener and herbalist, and has made teas, tinctures, incense, perfumes, after shave, bath salts and other useful items from plants he has grown. Currently he has Comfrey Reiki Healing Salve made with Reiki and herbs he grew, and Attraction Oil made from essential oils.


Please email Dan for a current list of what is available. His inventory is constantly changing. If there is something specific you are looking for,he may be able to find it for you.

Intuitive Guidance: Tapping into spiritual connections, I offer readings to help a person gain insight into matters of Love, Money, Life Purpose, Business, Health, Relationships, and other questions.
Past Life Recall: Discover how past lives and karma affect your present life and relationships.
Dream Work: Learn how to interpret your dreams to mine them for pertinent information that you can use. Learn shamanic dream work techniques to bring change, insight and healing.
Sound Healing: Using the voice, drums, rattles and bells to move energy and break up blockages
Reiki: Traditional energy healing which can be used silently or in combination with other modalities.
House Blessings: Cleanse your space of negative energy and invite in harmonious new energy.
Handfastings: Create your own special commitment or wedding ceremony.
Personal Rituals: Created upon request for other life transitions.
Life Coaching: Intuitive guidance for life decisions.
Writing: Helping you express your self and find direction through writing, which could include journaling and rewriting your own life story
Your Future Today Home Parties!  Ladies, invite a few of your friends over and have an experienced, professional intuitive counselor do readings for you and your friends.Get answers about Love, Relationships, Money, Career, Health and more. The organizer of the party receives an additional session of her choice (Past Life Session, Reiki, Life Coaching, Dream Work, Sound Healing or any of my other services)
Tarot reader for more than 40 years
Rune caster for more than 15 years
Dream interpreter for most of my life
Reiki Master for more than 12 years
Past life regressions for  more than 13 years
Learned the techniques of past life regression from Dr. Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives, Many Masters, Through Time Into Healing and other books.
Studied the tarot with James Wanless, creator of the Voyager Tarot.
Learned the Silva Method of meditation from Tony Silva, son of the method's creator, Jose Silva.
I have also trained with various other healers and teachers.
Tantra teacher in tandem with my partner.
Worked as a professional tarot/rune reader and dream interpreter at the Georgia Renaissance Festival for five years.
More than 15 years experience editing and writing for metaphysical publications.
10 years experience as a teacher of creative writing at Spruill Center for the Arts (Atlanta)
7 years experience teaching metaphysical classes at The Inner Space (Atlanta)
Led drumming circles for 3 years at The Phoenix & Dragon and other events and locations(Atlanta)
Drummed for the band Evocation for a year.
Created and led public rituals to mark the turning of the seasons, handfastings (spiritual marriage/commitment ceremonies), crossing over, blessing of babies, purification rites, clearings, house blessings and other special events upon request.

I am available days, evenings or weekends when I am not working a special event.
Readings can be done in person, by phone or Skype.
Phone: 720-468-2624  |  E-mail:  |  Skype: Dan.Liss2
A PayPal account is available as one option for payment.  You do not have to be a member to use PayPal.
Fees for private classes, special events, and other services vary according to what is requested, the number of sessions, and so on.
Dan is available for readings at different events in the area such as BHA Psychic Fairs, Celebrations Metaphysical Fairs, other special events and private parties.

                         Member - Boulder Healing Arts Association