Diane Brennan
Berthoud, CO
Diane Brennan has been a practicing bodyworker since 1984 in Colorado. A graduate of the University of Michigan with a BA in Education, her interests and skills drew her into a career as a certified massage therapist, energy healer and Somatics practitioner, PUSH Therapist,and finally a practitioner of VHT.

This modality (VHT) relieves chronic spasm due to injuries, accidents, surgeries, repetitive motion occupations or hobbies.
Not only will you receive treatment but also an excellent education in how your body functions and how to achieve correct postural alignment.

Experience the quality of life getting your original functioning body back can give you!  I certainly have.


Originally developed by a Scotsman who was severely injured as a professional wrestler, VHT is a non-invasive hands-on system of bodywork addressing the whole body with an organized series of unique, gentle, vibrational moves over soft tissue.
VHT supplies the body with an energy-supported blueprint aimed at informing, training or coaching our innate wisdom to address and hopefully positively correct any structural malfunction through the encouragement, release and uninterrupted flow of KI (Chi) energy.
VHT will allow you to balance at various levels: physical, chemical,  emotional, and mental.  It will assist you in attaining the ideal state of relaxation and homeostasis wherein the body itself is able to more positively address any structural or emotional problems it hay have.

$60.00 per hour
Ask about reduced rates for
Senior Citizens

Member - Boulder Healing Arts Association