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Chiropractic, Coaching
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Chiropractic, Coaching

Longmont Functional Health Center
Longmont, CO
(303) 827-3772
Functional Medicine, Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), Quantum Neurology, Functional Blood Analysis
Dr. Jared's practice focuses on functional medicine, which is integrative, preventative, research oriented and globally focused.  The central training of functional medicine is physiology, and that is what makes it truly preventative.
Triad Wellness Center
Niwot, CO
Chiropractic, Koren Specific Technique, Network Spinal Analysis, NET, Pain Neutralization Technique, Body Talk Access, Nutrition
By using multiple techniques, Dr. Leigh not only removes the underlying interferences which cause physical pain but also addresses the nutritional and emotional imbalances that are blocking your way to health
Dr. Paula Lent 2009
Bio Cranial Boulder
Boulder, CO
Dr. Lentís healing sessions involve a combination of many gentle, low force techniques including Reike and vibrational healing, and now Bio Cranial System.
The techniques that she applies reach deep by relaxing the tension in the dura mater within the skull and spine. This causes the spine to realign itself. The soft tissue around the blood vessels relax, allowing blood circulation, which promotes healing in all of the tissues. This, along with structural adjusting, if it is needed, allows for a more intregrated adjustment.

Success Coach
Lyons, CO
Personal, Professional, and  Spiritual Life Coaching.
Becky offers an array of coaching services ranging from business, web business, personal life coaching, education, career, and spiritual coaching.
Wildly Successful
Loveland, CO
720-366-0773 cell
Professional Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs; Author; Marketing, Business Building. Mentor
Dawn Todd (Founder of Wildly Successful Women) is a feminine leadership and intentional business specialist, Certified Coach and author of The Feminine Intention and her newest book The Feminine Manifesting Map.
Lifestream Holistic Coaching
Arvada and Boulder, CO
Experienced trainer, certified in leadership and career training courses, executive coaching and a speaker; Theta Healing, Thought Field Therapy, Muscle Testing, Vision Board Workshops.
Regina has 25 years experience in the field of Human Resources, and is now a Certified Life Coach.  She is at a point in her life now where she is combining her professional experiences with her passion for personal growth as a life coach and sharing them with you through Lifestream Holistic Coaching.
Relationship Intimacy Coaching
Meppel, Netherlands
+44 7408 868234
+31 6 29723519
Skype: USA +1 970 760 0719
Director of Programs & Education for the Heart IQTM Network, Heart IQTM Mastery Coach and Head Trainer, Heart IQTM Mastery Facilitator.
Let Stephanie show you how it's possible to rebuild the HEART of your trust,reignite the SPARK of your passion, and bring your connection back into JOY!
Colorado Coaching and Hypnotherapy Training Institute
Longmont, CO
Relationship and Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy training and certification, Shamanic practices, Energy work, Spiritually based hypnotherapy.  
Individuals who want an authentic relationship with themselves; Singles who want to find their soul mate; Dating couples want to live happily ever; Committed couples want their relationship to be exceptional.
Denver, CO