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Energetic Healing/Intuitive Guidance
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Energetic Healing/Intuitive Guidance
Whole Being Explorations
Boulder, CO
Crystal Arrays
Boulder, CO
Certified Crystologist, Energy Practitioner; Crystal Arrays, Auric Cleansing, Purifying and Chakra Cleansing, Opening and Balancing; Oracle Card and Rune Readings; Life Progress Readings; Orgone Generator Crystal Bio-Bed; Shamanic Journeys; Developer and maker of Orgone Generators and Crystal Elixirs.
Angie brings her training with spirit to bring you healing on many levels. She has worked as a healer, animal whisperer, plant whisperer, crystal whisperer, far seer, psychic, remote viewer and more.
Aprylisa Healing Arts
Boulder, CO
AvivaLife System, BodyTalk, Reiki, Matrix Energetics, Shamanic practice, Holographic Memory Resolution, Access BARS, BodyTalk for Animals; Aviva Gems - custom made jewelry.
Aprylisa (April-Lisa) practices the AvivaLife System which combines physical sciences and energy medicine in a satisfying blend of modalities perfectly individualized for each client.
Jewel Consultancy
Longmont, CO
720 936 2634  
Crystal Healing, Coaching, Mentoring, Energetic Healing, Aromatherapy.
Along with healing with crystals, Arlene is a mentor and professional life coach.  Call her for your free initial consultation.
Wake Up To Your Dreams
Lafayette, CO
Intuitive Dreamwork; private sessions, groups, workshops, retreats, dreamworker training. Certified with the Marin Institute of Projective Dreamwork.
Since 1997, through her extensive work in private and group sessions, she has helped scores of dreamers on the path to self-discovery through a better understanding of their dreams.
Mind Energy-Body Institute
Boulder, CO
A Masters in Counseling, Somatic and Body Psychotherapy, EMDR Certified, Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Reiki, Chi Kung, Healing Touch, Visualization and Meditation Techniques, Certified Massage Therapist
Carolyn  is the founder of the Mind Energy-Body Institute (ME-B) and learned to work all three systems together (mind, energy and body) for powerful change, self-growth and transformational healing.  Classes are available.
Boulder, CO
Reconnective healing; The Reconnection
Everyone’s experience with Reconnective Healing is unique. If you’re lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipated; if you’re really lucky, your healing will come in a form you haven’t even dreamed of.
Sound Guardians
Boulder, CO
Acutonics®, Therapeutic and restorative sound.
While maintaining a private practice in Boulder, Celeste also sits on the board for the Piste Foundation, which travels the Yucatan Peninsula running free alternative health care clinics.She is also an educational advocate for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Boulder, CO
Medical Intuitive, Akashic Records Consultant, Medium
Divine Light Center
Dana Point, CA
Angel & Spirit Guide Therapy, Aura Healing, Body Work, Chakra Balancing, Energy Healing, Intuitive Consultants, Life Coaching, Massage Therapy, Meditation Work, Psychic Healing, Reiki, Spiritual Counseling, Vibrational Healing
Chiwa works with the Creator, Angels, and Ascended Masters. she is highly intuitive, and her gift is communication. She helps others find their gifts and soul purposes and helps them become truth of who they are on their healing journey.
The Path of the Priestess/Medicine of Sekhmet
Santa Fe, NM
Priestess, Multi-Dimensional Healer,  Sacred Feminine Teacher, Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Psychic-Medium Soul Readings, Vibrational Energy Healing. Plant Spirit Medicine, Vibrational Flower Essence Practitioner, Aromatherapist, Spiritual Healing, Goddess Alchemy, Shamanic Healer.  Alchemical Healing.   

Chrstina offers The Path of the Priestess; Ancient Goddess Temple Mysteries; Goddess Tarot and Tea; The Healing Arts of the Goddess; women mysteries and connected to the angelic realm and the goddess.
Boulder, CO
(303) 881-8564
Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP) and Registered Nurse (RN)
She helps clients find their peace and Joy.  HT affects the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of human life.
Magical Awakenings with Dan Liss
Longmont, CO
Tarot, Runes, Reiki, Past life regressions, Drumming, Chanting and other techniques for transformation; personal rituals (handfastings, house blessings, crossing over, divorce, creating new relationships, career change, etc).
Dan offers these modalities to assist people in seeking spiritual and intuitive guidance and energetic healing. He has been reading cards for 40 years, runes for about 15 years, doing Reiki and past lives since the mid-90s.
On Angel's Wings, Reiki with Dana
Longmont, CO
Certified Reiki Master, Crystals, oracle cards, Aromatherapy, Energetic Healing
Along with the skills she has learned from her training, she uses her natural gift of intuition and empathy, allowing her to tune into her client’s needs for their greater healing.
Private Tarot Consultations
Longmont, CO
(303) 803-3219.
Private Tarot Consultations, Runes, Chinese Numerology, Graphology, Author. Owner: Rockin' Robins
Dennis is a highly sought after Tarot Consultant, co-owner of the Arcanus Tarot Parlor in Longmont, CO and one the foremost experts in the field. He has over thirty years of psychic experience, is a published author, and has a natural, engaging way that always sets people at ease.

DOE KELLY, B. Music 
The Center For The Future
Longmont, CO
Reiki III, Breathwork, Voice Coaching; VIBE Machine and energy device sessions and sales, includes SCENAR, Hothouse (far infrared), Perkl Light "kolor" energy healing, Rife device, Clark's Health Machines, plus "In The Key of Om" CD.
Doe Kelly is a multi-talented artist/healer who brings her products and healing knowledge and expertise to events in Colorado and other parts of the US and UK.
Santelli Healing Center
Niwot, CO
Multi-dimensional Healing, Matrix Energetics, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Allergy Elimination, Enzyme Therapy, Reflexology, Kinesiology, Vibrational Healing, Body/Mind/Spirit Integration.
The focus of Felicia's work is assisting you to strengthen your Immune System.  In treating the body holistically, she seeks to find the cause of the symptoms, and not to treat the symptoms alone.
Body/Mind Dynamics
Boulder, CO
Dreamtime Healing
Bouder, CO
Reiki Master , Psychic, Communicator with Spirits,Healing Therapy, Soul Retrieval, Energetic Crystal Therapy, Clairvoyant Reading, Animal Communicator, Healing touch similar to Shiatsu, Reflexology, Acupressure, Craniosacral, Divine Sacred Wish Candle Ceremonies. Professional Photographer
Helen has developed her own style of transformative healing for the mind, body and spirit.  As a Reiki Master, chocolate shaman, spiritual alchemist, intuitive and spiritual teacher, Helen Knight helps you discover your most radiant self through a variety of healing modalities.
Quantum Health Ltd
Lakewood, CO
970 389 7140
BodyTalk practitioner.
BodyTalk enables the body-mind's innate intelligence to diagnose itself and activate its own built-in healing ability to resolve symptoms and issues on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual.
Benzonia, MI
Intuitive Counseling, Hands on Healing, Meditation Instruction, Healing Aura Portraits
In Sharing Light through intuitive readings and healings Jill offers the recipient a greater experience of who they are; gaining rejuvenation and inspiration from the inside out, so that they can move through challenges with Enthusiasm, Joy and Certainty in their Source.
Boulder, CO
Reconnective Healing, The Reconnection, Aspectology, 'The Work'  
Joshua facilitates physical, mental and spiritual healing through Reconnective Healing.  Reconnective Healing uses the full spectrum of healing energy, light and information available at the present time to achieve the healing most appropriate for the individual and their advancement, outside of linear time and space constraints
Life Energies, LLC
Longmont, CO
Natural Healing Practitioner, Herbalist, Healing Touch, Iridology, Flower Essences, Visceral Manipulation, Polarity, Reiki Master, Brain Mapping, Aromatherapy,  CranialSacral Balancing, Axiatonal Therapy,  Color Bardic Healing, IET, Magnified & Pranic Healing, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Body Talk.  Call about classes
Julie offers a gentle, compassionate nurturing process that will facilitate relaxation and inner growth to re-inspire your life journey.
Among the Runes
Boulder, CO
Energetic Healing.  Runes; Runic and Spiritual Counseling using runic tools never before seen. Classes available. Author - "Runes for Transformation".
Kaedrich has been studying and teaching runes for over two decades. He has developed powerful techniques that can transform your inner being into your ideal state. These techniques are easy to use, and easily accessible to anyone who wishes to use them.
Little Aspen Studios
Boulder, CO
Akashic records consultations, past-life readings, Certified teacher in the Pathway Prayer Process©, Akashic art - glass pendants, uncatchers, Hand-painted silk scarves
Balancing the worlds of spirit and science, Laura is a practical and down to earth person and loves to give examples with which people can relate. She enjoys taking complex information and whittling it down into a “for instance.” or “here’s an example.”   Her artwork can be customized with or without a reading.

Gateways to the Heart
Boulder, CO
Craniosacral Therapy, Gemstone Therapy, Trauma Resolution Work, Pre and Perinatal Psychology, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Qi Gong
Linda Lile is a highly gifted and multi-talented practitioner.  She has been teaching Diamond and Gemstone Therapy Workshops throughout the U.S. and in Australia and Europe since the early 1990’s. Linda holds a PhD in Psychology and an Advanced Diploma in Craniosacral Therapy.
Heal Like An Egyptian
Hemet, CA
Teaching Nadia K Eagles’ lineage of Ancient Egyptian Mysteries, 8 days of Initiation,  Energy Balancing Sessions: Egyptian Healing Rods, Quantum Touch and other Energy Medicine (Reiki, Magnified Healing,Psycho-Spiritual Coaching. Trainer and distributor of Egyptian Healing Rods.
Margie teaches one lineage of ancient Egyptian sacred wisdom and uses high vibration Egyptian healing tools so that people learn a self-healing method for body, mind and spirit ascension.
Boulder, CO
Evergreen, CO
Aura Photography, Clairvoyant Readings: Past Lives, Spirit Guides, Life Challenges and Personal Empowerment. Hands of Light, Reiki Master, Crystal Healings.  Pet communications are also available.
A former practicing herbologist, Mia has delved into the world of hands-on-healing utilizing techniques such as Reiki, Hands of Light and crystals as allies.  She has developed her clairvoyant skills to assist clients by providing insight into life's challenges.
Creative Divine Studios
Longmont, CO
Myrrh's work combines the powerful yet gentle interplay of Sacred Sound, several energy healing modalities, intuitive guidance, sacred soul symbology, and intention into a unique approach for personal, professional and business spiritual growth and healing.  Presentations and workshops in energy healing, Sacred Sound, and women's empowerment ~ customizable for specific groups.
Unique Sacred Ceremonies and performances for all occasions.
Santa Fe, NM
Facilitator-The Course in Light, Soul's Clearings with the Akashic Records, Ancestral (Lineage), Light Body, Bardo Thodol and Medical Clearings.  Energetic Healing.
Nancy is also a facilitator of Medical Astronomy in conjunction with Molecular Biology.  She has worked energetically with the Evolutionaries of Light and your Soul's expression and next steps on the planet and else where

Rendez-Vous Thérapeutique
Longmont, CO
Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, Healing Touch Certified Instructor, Reiki II practitioner, Certified Holistic Nurse, Wellness Counselor, Integrative Care Nurse at the Health & Healing Center at Exempla Hospital.  Healing Touch lectures and certification workshops available.
Reiki for Peace
Boulder, CO
Aura healings, pet readings, psychic readings, Reiki master, minister.
Nicole is a graduate of Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder.  A Reiki Master, she often collaborates with her husband Shawn, bringing additional healing and balance to their clients.
Director, CEFCA Website Support
Boulder, CO
Quantum Matrix Hypnotherapy, Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique, Somatic Experiencing,
Pat uses many healing modalities in her healing work, and teaches her clients techniques to use at home, empowering them to achieve healing within and without.
Boulder, CO
Intuitive guidance, Energetic healing, Songstress
Pati is called to assist others in recognizing their gifts, clear the way for spirit to lead and to bring forward our full potential from the foundation of love. She combines her psychic skills with healing abilities to provide insights and direction on your path.
Patricia Camp 2009
Thornton, CO
Licensed minister, Osho Zen Tarot readings, aura readings/ healings, pre/post surgery healing, moderator of Spirituality/Creativity forums, classes in stress management techniques.
Tricia also works on a website for people with mood disorders, and she hopes to help bring out an individual’s Divine light with her intuitive and healing work.
Louisville, CO
720 304 3460.
Sound Healer, Energetic Healer, Voice Teacher, Singer Songwriter,  Performer; Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy
Patricia's passion lies in healing the energetic patterns that created the circumstances of your current reality. She offers private therapeutic sound sessons, classes, workshops and public group toning events
Denver Metro Area, CO
Skype - pj.elofson
Usui and Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher, Medium, Intuitive, Tarot, Energy healer, Channeled automatic writing
As a "hereditary" intuitive, Paula has the unique ability to see inter-dimensional activity since childhood. She uses the Tarot to help clients relax and understand messages as she discusses their Afterlife family. Classes and private sessions available. Her channeled automatic writings can be viewed on her website.
Silver Gecko Wellness and Balancing
Longmont, CO
Quantum Biofeedback, Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy,Dolphin NeuroStim scar and pain releasing, Bio-Mat,Far Infra-red therapy, Chi-Machine, Lasers, Essential Oils
Penny has health services in Longmont, CO,  providing in office, home, and farm yard. Her aim is to make your experience the best relaxing form of holistic treatment possible for you, your animals or your employees.
Beaufort, SC/Boulder, CO
Energetic healing, Jin Shin Tara practitioner and instructor, Healing Touch practitioner, Author, Wellness coaching, Pastoral care, Trauma counseling.
Renee empowers a person to gain energetic harmony from conditions caused by shock, trauma, or misalignments in mind, body, and spirit.
Longmont, CO
Psychic medium, Akashic Record readings, past life, relationship and chakra readings; ARCH (Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing) practitioner/teacher; author.
Through readings Rhonda can gently take people's hands and remind them of their life's purpose, their divinity and help them make the most of this life experience. Rhonda is also a practitioner and teacher of ARCH , an ancient Hawaiian energy healing modality rediscovered by Kahuna Laurie Grant.

Reiki for Peace
Boulder, CO
Reiki master; Axiotonal work (which focuses on the matrix of minor chakras), energeric healing
Shawn combines Reiki (which stimulates and balances the major chakras) with Axiotonal work (which focuses on the matrix of minor chakras). The intention is to reconnect us with our true, benevolent selves, with others, and our surroundings. Practicing since 1997, Shawn often joins his wife Nicole (also a Reiki Master), offering collaborative sessions and attunements with a balance of masculine and feminine energy and wisdom.
Louisville, CO
Clairvoyant, Aura/chakra healings, 3rd degree Reiki practitioner, Magnified Healing practitioner, Tarot readings
Shea has a passion for her connection with spirit and helping others find theirs.  She also teaches classes.

True Essence Center for WellBeing
Longmont, CO
Registered Craniosacral Therapist RCST®, Reconnective Healing Practitioner®, Certified Massage therapist CMT, Registered Polarity Practitioner RPP, Herbal body wraps, aroma therapist,and approved instructor for the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America.
Shelli works in the field of prenatal birth and attachment to resolve trauma for infants and young children. She is an approved instructor for the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America.
Inner Whisperer
Niwot, CO
Westminster, CO
Psychic, clairvoyant,clairsentient, energy and chakra balancing, oracle deck readings, career path guidance and healing,home and office clearings, mystic, a sixth sense, a seer, intuitive business consulting;full service design company.
Stephanie loves to create. She is good at it and is quite proficient at what she does. She has the ability to just "know" what feels and looks right.
Integrated Healing Therapies
Pine, CO
Morrison, CO
303-748-5273 (cell)
303-697-7707 ext. 3 (Collage in Morrison)
Healing Arts Practitioner, Musician, Artist, Reiki Master, Author and Educator, Clairvoyant, Reference Point Therapy, Kinesiology, Commanding Wealth Instructor® and Mentor, creator of Theta Clearing Technique™, NLP, Aromatherapy, Reflexology
Sue is an internationally recognized musician and incorporates over 20 years of expertise using several modalities in the healing arts field.  
Longmont, CO
Reiki, Astrology,BodyTalk, Matrix Energetics.
Susan combines the time honored wisdom of Reiki and astrology with cutting edge healing methods of BodyTalk and Matrix Energetics.
Denver Metro Area, CO
Intuitive counseling,  Tarot, gemstone readings.
Susan has over 40 years of experience in her field of intuitive counseling and Tarot. She participated in a weekly Edgar Cayce Study Group for 8 years in Houston, Texas, learning about interpreting dreams through individual's symbology. An intuitive since childhood, and an NDE survivor gives Susan unique insights.
Soul BalancingTM
Boulder County, CO
Spiritual Liason, Master Accelerator, Shamanic Healing, Reiki Master, Oriental Palm Reader, and owner/craftperson of Moxie Breeze Handmade Jewelry.
Trixie studied and learned palmistry under the tutelage of  internationally known palmist Myrna Lou Goldbaum.  See her website for the different classes she teaches.
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