Start the year stress-free......

January 19, 2019
11:00am - 5:00pm
(or when we're done)

Get refreshed and re-energized.  Let's have some fun.  Let's get rid of the garbage and heal ourselves.  Let's heal the healer.

Join us for a day of healing, networking, trading services, learning from each other, and just plain nurturing of those most important people, yourselves!!

We would like to have a good variety of healing arts practitioners among us - massage therapists, energy workers, intuitive readers, acupuncturists, chiropractors, coaches, and more.  We can all benefit from the healing intentions, the healing touch, the healing energies of each other.

As always, we are flexible with our time.  If you come in later than 11 am, that's okay.  If you have to leave before 5 pm that's okay.  If we're done later than 5 pm, that's okay too.  The purpose of the day is to enjoy being in a healing atmosphere.  To enjoy the gifts we bring each other.  To leave feeling more balanced and relaxed in ourselves.  To help each other in expanding our awareness and assisting in our healing processes.  You are not bound to a time limit - work until you are done with the person you are with.  Whether it's 20 minutes or an hour, this is for you to receive and to give.

BHA will provide chairs and we ask that you please bring a card table to use for your business cards/literature.  We have plenty of chairs.  You may begin setting up at 10:00.  Break for lunch/snack when you feel the need.  Please bring a pot-luck to share.  BHA will provide tea, coffee, juice, and water, plus some snack items such as fruit and/or baked goodies.



To be effective healers, we need to work on our own stuff.  Like everyone else, we need to get rid of our baggage, release the blocks that are preventing us from moving forward, and reconnecting with spirit and our own higher energies.  We also need to experience different forms of healing so that we may have other avenues to choose from - to learn, to refer, or to use for our own healing.  As much as we try to take care of ourselves, the energy and knowledge from another person always speeds the process and gives us alternative views on how to help ourselves.

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