Helene Rose - author, writer, reiki master/reacher and intuitive healer.
Boulder, Colorado

Helene Rose is an Author, Writer, Reiki Master/Teacher and an intuitive healer.  Her mission is to assist you in nourishing and rekindling your inner light so that you may life a joyful, connected, healthy, satisfying and magical life! Short terms healing goals include stress reduction, relaxation, and pain relief. Long terms healing goals may include Inner Peace, Abundant Joy, Harmonious Relationships, Physical Well-Being, Spiritual Connection, Authentic Living, Radiant Self-Expression and Loving Life. As a hands-on energy healer and gifted intuitive, Helene channels divine life Source energy to help clients shift and move out lower vibrational energy including pain and trauma while bringing clarity and access to your Inner Knowing Self.

Helene only works with those clients who desire to make a serious commitment to their healing journey. This means different things for different clients. Clients may be asked to actively participate during a healing by sharing feelings, taking a guided journey, vocalizing, movement or visualization. Clients will most likely receive guidance for small changes to implement into daily life after the healing.

She offers healing to her clients through her hands. Usually she begins by placing her hands on your head and work intuitively down the body. Healings always work for the highest good of the individual and her community. As a channel for divine life source energy, Helene helps clients move and shift lower vibrational energy like pain and trauma. The pain and trauma is released and healing takes place. It is not always immediate. Clients must be ready to participate in their healing. Every session for every client is unique and exactly what is needed for that moment!

These transformative sessions will bring deep feelings of peace and well-being while allowing pain to surface and be released. The level of transformation is dependent upon your commitment to healing and growth.
"I am not a miracle worker – the miracle is inside you. You are the miracle!"

Weekdays 9 AM - 11:30 AM
Tues & Wed 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Saturday 5 PM - 7 PM

90 minutes – $135 - Requested for new clients or those wanting a longer session
60 minutes – $90 - Follow-up sessions.
30-40 minutes – $50 - For those in need of a “tune-up.”  Also perfect for young children and babies.
"Helene’s gentleness makes it easy to feel comfortable and safe. Her insights (during and after sessions) into my issues have been very helpful and clarifying. I have left each session feeling peaceful and clear-headed. Helene is a wonderful healer and her hands are knowing and magical!” – Melanie Weingart, Boulder, CO.
“Helene is a very nurturing and grounded being who affects me the minute I step into a room with her; I immediately feel her joy for life and open awareness. As a Reiki Practitioner, Helene offers a gentle yet deep healing presence. As a Life Coach, she has helped me to clarify the simple priorities in my life. I am grateful to receive healing work with Helene, I always leave feeling more centered and relaxed.” ~Tina Tongen, Boulder, CO.


A published author and anchor writer for Sybele Magazine and Sibella Poetry Magazine, Helene writes articles on personal growth, spiritual awareness, authentic living, and global visioning, as well as poetry from the heart. May your brilliance shine!

Blessed Womb

"This book would be useful and enjoyed by anyone embarking upon and already on their own personal path of empowerment. Because I am a woman and a mother, much of my writing reflects both of these aspects of myself, however, the process of self reflection and finding one’s way to their own truth is not dependent upon being a woman or a mother."
"My poems are a bit memoir, a bit spirit, some tears and lots of love. My intention for readers of my book is to inspire you to take  a clear honest look into your own life and how your own personal struggles and trials can actually lead you to live a more authentic life. My intention is to open my heart to you so that you in turn will open your own heart to share your story that is waiting to be told. My intention is to paint a picture with words of the beauty upon this earth all around us and within us when we stop for a moment to look, listen and become aware."
Inspired Reading: 
Inner peace. Abundant Joy. Self-Love. Authentic living.   At one time or another, we are in search of these qualities. We yearn for greater fulfillment and meaning in our lives. We wish to let go of our triggers, to find what makes us happy inside, to share our gifts with the world and be appreciated for our unique gifts and talents.   Where can we find this inner peace?    Read More..