Helen Knight
Boulder, CO

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Reiki Master - Psychic - Communicator with Spirits - Healing Therapy
Soul Retrieval – Energetic Crystal Therapy – Clairvoyant Reading – Animal Communicator
Modalities similar to Shiatsu, Reflexology, Acupressure, Cranial Sacral
Working with Adults, Children, Families, and Pets

Dreamtime Healing 
Some Challenges that can be helped through Dreamtime Healing
Grief  *  Anxiety  *  Stress  *  Trauma  *  Fears  *  Pain  *  Cancer  *  MORE....
Helen has developed her own style of transformative healing for the mind, body and spirit. It involves the synergy of different energy healing therapies: movements and touch similar to reflexology, acupressure, shiatsu and craniosacral.
Each healing is tailored intuitively for you and will vary from session to session. No two sessions are the same. You lay fully clothed, relaxed on a massage table with calming music in the background. You set intentions for what you would like to receive from the healing; i.e. to feel at peace, to relieve physical pain, to expand your abundance, to heal a broken heart. Helen can help those intentions become real.
At the start of the session, your intentions are set to guide the energy. The healing energy can assist you with any challenges you are facing: grief, anxiety, resistance to change, stress management, cancer, lack of clarity, trauma, fears, physical pain, sad heart and much more. It also works with expanding on the wonderful things in life such as abundance, goodness, happiness, peace and fulfilling your dreams. The possiblities are infinite.
A Dreamtime healing session works on all levels. On the physical level, it helps with pain management to alleviate many aliments ranging from cancer, back pain, infection, headaches and knots, to name just a few. On the emotional and mental levels, it can help heal a broken heart, overcome PTSD (Post Tramatic Stress Disorder), eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating as well as anxiety. It can be that gentle hand when dealing with grief, stress, transitions, trauma, fear and much more. On the soul level, a Dreamtime healing can expand and heighten one’s intuition, awareness and bring clarity.
About Helen 
After college, while living abroad for many years (teaching ESL in Chile, then getting a Masters in Ed. - Sydney, AU, and teaching), Helen developed several health issues that were not satisfied through traditional western medicine.  She then sought alternative methods, which led her to the healing properties of Reiki and a natural approach to diet and living.
Because Reiki had helped her so much, she wanted to learn more about it. She was fortunate to meet and apprentice with 1 of the 3 Grand Reiki masters of Australia, Glenys Crack. I spent 1.5 years studying the 7 levels of Usui Reiki, the original form from Tibet, handed down to the Japanese. Unlike the USA, in Australia, Usui Reiki has 7 levels.   She is a Reiki Master/Teacher and has taught in Australia, and has regular classes here in the Boulder area.
While in Australia, Helen was exposed to some of the Aboriginal cultures and traditions. The Aboriginals refer to a clan’s set of beliefs or spirituality as ‘Dreamtime’.  Her Dreamtime, her spiritual path, came to light through Reiki and meditation retreats to the sacred Aboriginal lands of Uluru (Ayers Rock). Her spiritual journey began to expand as well as my intuitive and psychic abilities.
Coming to Boulder, CO, to complete her healing process and further develop her intuitive abilities, Helen continues to expand her journey by participating in a 4 year vision quest in Columbia, SA.  She has finished her third year, and will begin her final 13 days of her quest in January 2015.
What They Say 
“I’ve been working with Helen for almost 2 years. I don’t really know why I reached out to her in the first place, but she has changed my life forever and truly opened my eyes to possibilities that I didn’t necessarily believed existed. I see the world so differently than I did. My Reiki healings were a big comfort to me while I was in the midst of my father’s downward spiral over the last few months. They prepared me for a loss I couldn’t comprehend. I was very close to my Dad and still feel close, closer than I would had Helen and I never crossed paths.” ~ Kris, Evergreen, CO

“I had many sessions with Helen throughout my pregnancy and could not have asked for a more fulfilling, relaxing experience each time. When I needed to just refresh, Helen naturally guided the session in that direction and I felt like I’d been on vacation for 2 weeks; when I needed to rid myself of nausea, she cleansed my system in one session and I walked out of there never to be nauseous again; when I needed to connect with my baby I felt like I was able to confirm her health and presence in my body. It was a magical experience.”  ~Melissa, Boulder, CO

“Before going to China to adopt my little girl, I had a session with Helen that helped enormously with the attachment process. During the session, Helen brought in the spirit of my daughter to meet me. She was curious to meet me, and as I opened my heart to her, she lay on my chest and snuggled there. I had a wonderful warm feeling of connection with her. When I got to China a few weeks later, my daughter and I bonded quickly and easily. I met other parents with their new children who were not having such a smooth time, and I was so glad I had taken time to meet with daughter first on the spirit level. I very much recommend this healing experience to any adoptive parent. Thank you Helen for helping us make the transition to being a family!” ~ Lissa, Boulder, CO

“The work Helen did for myself and my beloved cat was amazing. My 17 year old cat and I had recently spent a year apart and during that time she had been diagnosed with chronic kidney renal failure, I first time we saw Helen she helped us reconnect and heal from our time apart. The following sessions I had with Helen and my Kitty were equally powerful, each time we would set our intentions and the results were immediate and profound. Helen’s work helped my Kitty’s health improve dramatically and at the same time she helped us both prepare for her passing. And when Kitty did pass, Helen’s guidance helped us both get through it and maintain our spiritual connection. I highly recommend Helen and her work she is a beautiful healer with a deep connection to animals.” ~Melodie, Boulder, CO
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