Jim Trader - Astrologer
Denver, Colorado
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Jim  Trader is a professional astrologer and published author living in Denver Colorado. He specializes in natal astrology, synastry (the astrology of relationships), astrological research, and astrological education. Having studied astrology since 1982, he began his professional practice in 2009. He teaches classes and does personal readings for people throughout the Denver area.  Jim runs a monthly Astrology Lab at Nic Nac Nook. To set up a reading or learn more about what he has to offer, give him a call or send him an email. 

Hero and Wanderer: A Reappraisal of Pluto's Astrological Significance

Taking a fresh look at Pluto’s connection to events and people from 1945 to the present, Jim Trader’s thorough research and careful analysis has uncovered several new and fascinating dimensions to Pluto’s sphere of astrological influence. By casting new light on Pluto’s natal and transiting meaning for the individual, its significance as a ‘generational’ planet, and the mythology behind the planet’s name, Hero & Wanderer provides unique and timely insights into our Hero’s Journey.

Jim's book, “Hero and Wanderer”, is available through Amazon.com, Full Moon Books, Herbs & Arts, and from him directly.
Readings: A reading is a dialog between an astrologer and a client, where an hour or more is set aside for the client to bring the astrologer a question or questions and for the astrologer to look at their birth chart to find answers. The birth-chart can show the answer to almost any question a person may have. In order to calculate your birth-chart, an astrologer needs certain information: The month/day/year, the time, and the location of your birth.   Jim's readings are usually from one hour to one and a half hours. $80-$110  To request a reading, click HERE
Transit Alerts: A monthly subscription service where you can keep track of how the stars are affecting your life on a daily basis. Jim sends you an "Alert" (a written report via email or a verbal alert by phone) a day or so before a significant astrological event occurs in your life.  $60 per month. Sign up HERE
Quarterly Forecast:  A no-cost general forecast, it is accurate for most people most of the time. To learn what the forecast is for a given day, click HERE.
Astrology Basics Course:  The Course is a series of lessons in applied astrology, where students learn the meanings of various astrological terms and how to interpret them in relation to their individual lives.  Most people require about twelve lessons to complete the Course, each lesson being a 2-hour session with an experienced astrologer. The Course costs $300 per four lessons. To sign up, click HERE
Jim is an excellent astrologer.  He really knows his stuff.  I mean REALLY.  He's published a book about Pluto, and when you hear him speak about astrology, he blows you away.  I've taken his Basic Astrology class, and it was great.  I still refer back to my notes from that class, and I am comfortable with all the symbols and meanings now.  I've had two personal readings and one reading for my business from him, and he has done a great job explaining my chart, patiently repeating things for me, and was sympathetic to what was going on in the chart and my life.  As for the business reading, he helped me choose a 'birthdate' for my business that would help it be prosperous.  He does my transit alerts, and has done so for two years.  Some things that came to pass that he predicted (or successfully interpreted from my chart and transiting planets) was a successful surgery, two breakups in romantic relationships, and one start of a new romantic relationship.  The alerts have been very helpful in knowing when not to eat sweets, when it would be best to deal with females in my life, when to avoid conflicts and when to be assertive, and so on.  What's more, his prices are very reasonable.  I have been immensely satisfied and impressed with his astrology services.     --Lena in Colorado