Julie Mack Brauns practices as a Psychologist, Spiritual Teacher/Healer, and Animal Communicator.  Her practice is in Longmont, CO.
Julie Mack, PhD, PC
Julie Mack Brauns

Julie practices as a Psychologist, Equine-Assisted Psychologist, Spiritual Teacher/Healer, and Animal Communicator. "Animal communication is part of my heritage which I experienced through my uncle and cousin sharing loving stories of their abilities to communicate with animals." Julie connects intuitively, psychically, and emotionally with your animal, remotely or in-person. She provides information from your animal's perspective, as well as insights, education, and suggestions to help animals and owners improve communication, behavioral, health, emotional, psychological, training, bonding, inter-species and/or other related areas of interest. Readings can also help in selection of complementary approaches, such as healing touch, massage, flower essences, nutritional adjustments, etc. Solution-focused and fun.

Animal Communicator
Equine-Assisted Psychologist
Spiritual Psychologist

Longmont, CO
Julie Mack Braun and her four-legged friends
Julie and friends

Dr. Julie Mack offers a free 20-minute initial consultation over the phone or in person.
In May of 2008, Julie consciously discovered her own intuitive ability to communicate with animals when she participated in an intensive animal communication training led by author and Animal Communicator, Marta Williams. Since then, she's conducted successful readings and informative consultations with various animals including dogs, cats, and horses, and their owners. In addition to her passion for animals, her work as a human Psychologist for the past 10 years has fostered in her a deep compassion and understanding of people, which enables her to relate equally well to the human companions of the animals with whom she communicates.
Julie Mack Brauns and dogs

Julie specializes in:
Helping You Find Your Way  |  Upliftment
Depression, Bipolar, & Mood Regulation
Trauma, Anxiety and PTSD
Equine (Horse)-Assisted Psychotherapy

Along with being an animal communicator, Julie is a  Psychologist, spiritual teacher, and healer. Over the past 10 years, she's developed treatment expertise in the areas of Spirituality, Self-Improvement & Personal Growth, and Trauma & PTSD. While connecting heart to heart with clients, she supports their emotional, mind-body, and spiritual growth and balance. One of the therapeutic tools she frequently uses is EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Level 2 Certified) to assist expansion in areas such as life purpose exploration, soul healing and growth, life changes, career transitions, trauma, PTSD, anxiety, pain, nightmares, depression, mood imbalances, sleep challenges, grief & loss, relationship issues, and self-esteem expansion.
"I am commited to my own personal growth, learning and joyful evolution on this amazing life journey, and it is my pleasure to create a positive, nurturing therapeutic atmosphere where you can re-balance and re-connect with your inner wisdom."
Julie Mack Brauns - sweet kitty.