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Translucent Lotus
Marissa Kajiwara
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Marissa is a natural intuitive with a passion for healing and self discovery. She is a certified intuitive healer, and Reiki practitioner. She uses her intuition to provide insights that guide clients towards self healing. She also uses tools such as tarot, crystals and Reiki to rebalance and restore energy in the body. Marissa is passionate about health and wellness and firmly believes that everyone has the ability to heal themselves.
Marissa’s passion for healing began with her career as a Registered Nurse. Throughout her experiences in the Western Medicine field she realized that illness often begins with energetic imbalances. She discovered that when these imbalances are healed as they arise, illness can often be avoided altogether. Marissa assists clients in discovering their own imbalances and guides them in healing.
Reiki: In a Reiki session Marissa facilitates the flow of Reiki energy to rebalance and restore the energy of the body. This hands-off healing technique promotes healing, stress release, relaxation and overall wellbeing. Reiki sessions are offered in half hour increments. $40 for 1/2 hour session / $80 for full hour session
Intuitive Reading: Marissa is an intuitive reader who uses tools such as the tarot and the chakras to reveal information that promotes decision making, healing, and a sense of understanding. Reading sessions are offered in half hour increments. $40 for 1/2 hour session / $80 for full hour session
Healing: In a healing session Marissa combines her intuitive reading ability with her knowledge of healing to rebalance and restore health in the body, mind and spirit. Her ability to read the body allows her to find the root causes of illness and imbalance. She uses this knowledge to direct healing to the parts of the body where it is needed.
150 for 90 minute intake session / $120 for a full hour session

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