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Experiential Psychotherapist and Spiritual Counselor
Sacred Breathwork
Massage Therapy
Nancy Wunderlich, BA CMT, is a psychotherapist and offers Transformational Breathwork. She trained for Breathwork at the Transformational Studies Institute in Jupiter, Fl and is a graduate of the Coaches Training institute in California. Completing her B.A. in Psychology at DePaul University in Chicago, IL, she was instinctively drawn to advanced studies in Transpersonal Psychology, the power of intentional thought, experiential process work, and the psychology of emotional intelligence.

Sacred breathwork is a rediscovery of ancient practices that opens doors to non-ordinary, or spiritual experiences.  These 'technologies of the sacred" are important tools for reclaiming the lost aspects of ourselves that can bring one back to wholeness.

The Process:
Stimulates unconscious healing on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, unblocking and releasing repressed memories.
The Technique:
Opens our hearts to receive love,feel a sense of belonging and ultimately true self-love and acceptance.

Our birth, our first breath began our passage into the physical world we experience as reality.

"The work that Nancy does is very powerful.  In a safe, nurturing environment I was able to release anger I had been holding on to for many years.....
The Breath:
Is invisible, affecting the visible.  Through the breath we can connect our conscious minds to our unconscious thoughts and beliefs
The Breath:
Energizes the psyche, activating our natural state of wholeness, resourcefulness, and creativity.
Nancy intuitively facilitates transformation at deep and profound levels.  Uniquely integrating her experience in ritual and comparative religion, she draws upon the wisdom of Buddhist, Hindu, and Native American spirituality.

Nancy also does massage, specializing in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Injury and Chronic Back/Neck Pain Relief. She customizes each treatment for the needs of the client. She received her certification in massage therapy from The American Institute of Massage Therapy in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, and continues to incorporate new techniques into her work to offer individualized and affordable massage.
Essential Oil Aromatherapy Massage
Oriental Hot Stone Massage
Sports Injury/Performance Massage
Gentle Healing Massage for the Elderly
Chair Massage for Increased Productivity in the Workplace.  Nancy can schedule regular visits to help relax and refresh workers on-site.  Soothe tension, stiff neck or headaches in a twenty minute session and return to work revitalized and productive.
Nancy has worked in Athletic clubs, Chiropractic clinics and spas.  She customizes each treatment for the need of the client.  Apprenticed with a physical therapist and trained in Neuromuscular Rehabilitation, Nancy skillfully treats sciatica, rotator cuff, neck and back pain and sports injuries.
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Member - Boulder Healing Arts Association