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Angelia LaRue 
Angie is a Boulder Energy Practitioner and Crystologist (crystal healer). She manufactures all the items which Spirit led her to during her training period with Spirit. They are high quality, and well received and felt by those who are energy aware. She makes products like Orgone Generators and the Solfeggio Singing Stones, which transmit direct frequency into the body giving it long lasting support in a variety of ways. Angie believes it would be a gread add-on support  to any energy work done by other Healers.  
See her website for more about the items and for other services she offers, such as Crystal Arrays, Auric and Chakra Cleansing, Oracle Cards and Rune Readings, and more.   You can contact Angie at 808-285-0047.   Her website is
Lynn Murnahan 
Lynn is a healing arts practitioner with an office in Longmont. She provides CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, and Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy among other holistic modalities. She is also a CNA instructor.
If you *Yearn for a new way to reduce pain and suffering, *Want to have a deeper understanding of the connection between body, mind and spirit,* Are interested in developing an enhanced awareness of your “inner wisdom”, *Want to investigate limiting beliefs and fortify healing “self talk”, then perhaps CranioSacral Therapy is for you.
 Some of the benefits are *a reduction of tension in your neck, shoulders and back, *a natural release of “feel good” hormones and a reduction of “stress hormones”, *a boost in your immune response and reduction of “brain fog”, *a general sensation of “inner peace”.
Lynn has an office in Longmont and you can reach her at  720-438-9511.  To learn more about her healing practice, go to her website -
Cindy Parsons, HTCP, HTA, RN, BSN, MS-HCA
Cindy is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP) and Registered Nurse (RN). She helps clients find their peace and Joy.  HT affects the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of human life.  Her clients leave feeling deeply relaxed, and some have commented; “On cloud 9” “Yummy” “Delicious” “Peaceful”, etc.
Preliminary studies have shown benefits of Healing Touch that include reduction in pain, anxiety and stress, providing support during chemotherapy and surgery, improved mood, and reduced effects from trauma and chronic pain.  One study indicated that Healing Touch can ease the dying process.  Other benefits of HT found in a research study include providing additional support when withdrawing from substance abuse, enhancement of the immune system, and a deeper sense of spiritual connection.
Cindy's practice is in Boulder and you can reach her at (303) 881-8564. Learn more at

Self-Help from Françoise E. Netter
Redress Your Stress
This CD offers powerful and practical tools to prevent and manage the effects of stress. Each track incorporates verbal instruction with a soothing background of healing natural sounds and music. You will learn how to relax and create wellness as well as how to transform negative states and situations into positive productivity and joy. This CD can be utilized daily and can benefit educators, business professionals, athletes, students, parents and anyone else who needs to reduce and manage the stress in their lives. Individuals who have practiced these exercises and relaxation techniques come from all walks of life and have reported the following benefits improving all areas of their lives.
Redress Your Stress is designed to offer you the following benefits:
Healed and reduced body pain
Improved concentration and clarity
Reduced anxiety
Better breathing habits
Improved relationships
Increased vitality and health
Weight loss
Achievement of Goals
Feeling more centered and grounded in daily life
Feeling relaxed and increased energy
Better sleeping habits and overcoming insomnia
The Magic of Movement- Movement For The Mind
A CD which allows the individual to experience the creativity of Movement Exploration. This self-help CD will facilitate exploration of the body in a creative and powerful way through guided imagery. Individuals will learn how to ground themselves, create appropriate boundaries, how to express feelings safely and uniquely and how to connect to their body in a non-judgmental process. This CD is also useful for teachers and therapists interested in incorporating Body Awareness and Movement as a tool for creative enhancement, communication and/or therapy and can be used with children or adults.
The Magic of Movement-Movement For The Mind is designed to offer the following benefits:
Kinesthetic awareness
Awareness of appropriate boundaries
Consciousness of breath
Expanded creativity
Greater self-expression
Becoming more comfortable in your body
Utilization of Dance Principles in innovative ways
Music & Meditation From Sue Scudder

One mind, One purpose . . . World Peace

A collaboration with internationally recognized instructor/presenter Donna Aazura, combining her spoken word with Sue's original music. A guided meditation specifically designed to access the theta brainwave and quantum field for intentional creation.

Click Here to listen to some tracks and to purchase this CD.
This beautiful theta meditation for world peace is one of the first in a series connecting meditation circles around the world.  Donna Aazura and Sue Scudder's inspired meditation CD takes you to the theta state of manifestation and focuses on peaceful existence, compassion and a united purpose toward world harmony.  


A musical journey in celebration of our past and present. Rich, gentle, refreshing piano compositions blended with flute, strings and light percussion.

Click Here to listen to some tracks and to purchase this CD.
Sue Scudder's newest CD release Sacred Friends is created in celebration of the Earth, its people and the mystery of realms beyond. This introspective collection, written, arranged and performed entirely by Sue Scudder features gentle, and refreshing melodies with piano, accompanied by flute, strings and percussion.

Motivational Hypnosis CDs from Zoilita Grant,

Easy Child Birth Through Hypnosis
Your Prosperity Solution
Stress Free
Super Self Esteem
Feeling Safe & Secure
End Smoking
Fight Cancer
Finding The Real You
Recover Your Health
Achieve Weight Mastery
Forever Young
Enhance Creativity
Manifesting Clients
Lifting Depression
Pain Management
Letting Go of the Past
Managing Menopause: Hypnotherapy For The Change of Life
The Power of Focus
Hypnosis CDs, from Zoilita Grant, MS, CCHt., allow you to align your conscious and subconscious minds to maximize success in many areas of your life.  You can listen to these powerful sessions overnight and your subconscious mind will start working for you and not holding you back.  CD's are available wholesale to healing arts practitioners.


The Femine Intention
Powerful, Profitable and Fabulous
by Dawn Todd
It seems that women have powerfully moved into the masculine way of achievement in order to fit in and to be taken seriously. Now a shift is going on -- a swing back to the feminine -- and the feminine energy is coming back to dominance as it reaches out for balance.
As women, we often judge ourselves and our success on an old, outdated version of what other people think life should look like. If you’re ready to stop trying to fit into the mold of a man’s world and you are ready to create and manifest as the powerful woman you are, then you are in the right place at the right time
Do you know that you are a brilliant feminine leader and the world is waiting for YOU and your unique gifts? Your opportunity awaits - everything depends on this moment, and you stepping into your brilliant feminine leadership!
This book will empower you to embrace your powerful feminine energy, let go of the old beliefs and lies that women have believed for generations, and become the intentional feminine leader that you are meant to be!

Love Pray Manifest
by Dawn Todd
Are you an energy aware women? Are you looking for a new way to step into feminine leadership? Do you wonder what you are really here to do and how to blend that into your business? Or maybe it just feels like a struggle to create the life you know you came to live!
Dawn M Todd (Founder, Wildly Successful Women) is a feminine manifesting and intentional business specialist, Certified Coach and author of The Feminine Intention: Powerful, Profitable and Fabulous.
In her newest book, Love Pray Manifest Dawn inspires readers to new ways to search within themselves to harvest their own success. We all know that our energy impacts our health, but did you know that what is happening in your body has everything to do with what is NOT happening in your life and your business? Dawn instructs readers on the unique way that women manifest, shares the Feminine Manifesting Map, and shows you how to use the three power-centers in the body to create success in business and life.

Movement for the Mind®: Dance That Awakens Healing, Inspiration And Wisdom
by Françoise Netter
The information in this book offers a unique antidote to many of the problems facing us today. It integrates body with mind and creates a vehicle for learning, fun, creativity and revelation. It incorporates the principles of “The Secret,” “Shadow Work” and utilizes as a vehicle what we all share in common: our bodies and minds. It is akin to Yoga and to what the ancient Yogis instruct us about life: That the treasures that we all are looking for are always there, right in front of us or more precisely, within us.

Whether you are an educator seeking to integrate right and left brain learning in your classroom, or a working professional seeking stress management, or someone who is ill and suffering from chronic pain, or someone who is seeking greater peace and clarity in your life emotionally and spiritually, or someone who just wants to expand your creativity — this book can offer you an expanded vision and experience. For those of you who have already experienced the aesthetic delight of movement, this book will teach you how to combine a sense of purpose and mental clarity with your movements allowing you to design dances that can teach, heal or simply exhilarate

Cruise to the Other Side
by Myrna Lou Goldbaum
This is a tantalizing story of hate turned to love between a mother and daughter. Love is recognized only after the passing of her parent. There are many twists and turns in the book.

The main character goes to a native palm reader on a Caribbean island who tells her to fix her relationship with her mother before it is too late.  Her mother dies in the ship's Medical Center.  The daughter has visions of her mother, is befriended by a psychic on board, is contacted by her Guardian Angel, calls a psychic radio show, purchases a crystal ball, is almost duped by an imposter posing as a producer and is nearly mugged by two homeless men. She is rejoined by her estranged husband and together they search for the treasure trove of money her mother hid to secure their future.

By Sue Scudder
An introspective journey of authentic personal experiences providing comfort and inspiration that bridge the veil between our physical and spiritual worlds.
Powerful Messages from
Beyond that
Give Us All Hope
The Voice Across the Veil is an introspective journey of authentic personal experiences providing comfort and inspiration that bridge the veil between our physical and spiritual worlds.
Musician Sue Scudder writes with authority about topics ranging from our spiritual connection with all things, life after death, messages from beyond, past lives, souls in transition and more.

By Dennis Perez
Dennis Perez has written the definitive beginner's guide to quickly learning the
mysterious Tarot!
In this easy to follow 80 -page e-book (.pdf format) you will learn:
The History of the Tarot
How to Choose and Handle Your Personal Tarot Deck
How to Properly Read for Someone
The 'Meanings' of the Tarot Cards
How to Handle 'Bad' Cards
The Ethics of Reading the Tarot
And Much More!

You will learn the secrets that only years of experience can offer!
For only $7.95 U.S.  you will receive everything you need to start on a lifelong journey of discovery and learning as you begin to master the wonder that is Tarot! Order this e-book today and get started Reading the Tarot!

by Lyn Valverde

"Sweet Reverence, a poignant and moving personal experience that embodies the essence of Dr. Elizabeth :Kubler-Ross' life work with dying patients and their families - the power of unfinished business, forgiveness, spiritual energy, physical and emotional presence and, ultimately unconditional love.  A true life lesson."
...Kathy Sandler, Program Director of the Elizabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation
With a forward by Dannion Brinkley, best-selling author of Saved by the Light, At Peace in the Light, and The Secrets of the Light.

Author Lyn Valverde presents an enlightening spiritual story of hope and healing for the seriously ill, the dying and their loved ones.  She invites us to share her own personal, spiritual awakening then witness the final journey of one soul and the way his end-or-life process touches each of those who are part of it.  "It is my hope more of humanity will believe without a doubt that life is a powerful, spiritual, universal force and that when we die, it is not at all the end."
"A profound journey that moves you to a place of Love, Understanding, Forgiveness, and ultimate Acceptance of Self.  I am certain you will find many jewels of inspiration and direction toward your understanding of End-of-Life Care."
Heidi L. Beattie, National Executive Director, The Twilight Brigade, Compassion in Action

An Uncommon Message from an Uncommon Source
by Rhonda O'Brien
'His Words came about from an amazing relationship that psychic medium, Rhonda O'Brien developed with a 23-year old man who had passed two months prior to their meeting. This unique union started with Doug Johnson's, the 23-year old man, desperate desire to make contact with his family. He wanted his family to know how much they meant to him as well as to settle the last details of his life.

Rhonda's payment for the 2-3 month correspondence between Doug and his family. This book speaks much of life after death in addition to speaking to all of the discouraged people (both young and old) of this world. Its basic message is that everything is always okay no matter what.'
What an uplifting message from such an unexpected source.
Bonus section includes notes from Rhonda O'Brien as well as a meditation to help readers create works similar to His Words.


Essential Oil Blends and Skin Care

Muscle Recovery Formulas
2 oz. Grapeseed Oil Base Formula
1.25 oz. Shea Butter Base Formula

Pearl Renewal Skin Cream
100% Pure Fresh Water Pearl, 100% Pure Unrefined Shea Butter, 100% Pure Emu Oil. All Natural & Fragrance Free.

Aromatherapy Diffusers
Gerri Korri, the artist of Haluemina Glass Healing Symbols, has been inspired to create and etch sacred geometry symbols onto glasswork.


Salves and Oils from Dan Liss
Comfrey Reiki Healing Salve is made from herbs that are grown by Dan. As a Reiki Master, he both enjoys gardening and giving Reiki energy to the plants as they grow, when they are watered, etc.  His salves are blended with beeswax from local beekeepers and are available in limited supply.  Once sold out, the wait is for the next year's crop.
Magical Awakenings Attraction Oil is a blend of essential oils with a jojoba base. You set the intention for what it is that you want to attract into your life, and your thought waves travel out into the world, carried on the wings of the fragrance.
Try Magical Awakenings Attraction Oils, Salves, and now Healing Bath Salts - available at local events, including select BHA Psychic Fairs.