Patricia Irby
 Louisville, CO
    720 304 3460     
Music Theater Director
Choral conductor
Voice Teacher
Sound Healer
Enegetic Healer
"I love to teach singing.   I get really excited when a student has a breakthrough, hears the beauty in their own voice, discovers what it feels like to sing freely with a well supported tone, or soars up to the high notes easily and likes what they hear…."

Patricia teaches healthy singing through classical technique that is applicable to all singing styles.
She can help you:
build healthy singing technique
gain confidence
prepare for auditions & performances
work on interpretation
improve foreign language pronunciation
understand music theory
learn to harmonize
learn to sight-read music
become a more complete performer         
Emphasis is on control of the breath, freedom in the throat and focus of the vocal tone.
Sound is the medicine of the future.” Edgar Cayce
A sound healer, energetic healer, voice teacher, singer songwriter, and performer, Patricia's passion lies in healing the energetic patterns that created the circumstances of your current reality. In her healing therapies, essential oils, crystals and stones are often used to facilitate the healing processes. She is interested in healing your life, in helping you thrive, in helping you realize that you are part of the divine flow of creation, and in opening you to experience that connection deeply, in a tangible way, in every moment. Patricia offers private therapeutic sound sessons, classes, workshops and public group toning events
'Everything is vibrating at the molecular level.  Every rock, every tree, every cell in your body is in motion, and anything that is in motion is creating a sound. There is sound everywhere, all around us.  The fact that we can not always hear the sound doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  Our bodies, and are like walking symphonies of sound, with each part resonating in harmony with the other
'Stones and crystals are perfect companions to sound as they each work on a vibratory level. I use stones in my work to support and augment the energetic vibration of the sound, and to anchor the intention of the recipient.'
 "Sound is a source of energy which can be used to interact with other energies.  Sound - whether through music, voice, or other sources - is effective as a tool to alter the electro-magnetic fields and impulses of an individual or an environment.
     This means that if an imbalance has occurred within the body's normal electro-magnetic parameters (whether it is a dysfunction of a specific organ or a particular system) we can utilize sacred sound in one of its forms or combinations to help restore homeostasis, alleviate pain or to accelerate healing.
    As an energy source, it can also be a tool for the change of consciousness.  It facilitates concentration, relaxation, learning, creativity and an increased awareness of psycho-spiritual states.  It can interact with and help alter brain wave patterns to facilitate this process."
Toning:   Toning is the process of vibrating sounds in the body and energetic field to assist in healing.  These sounds can be either musical or spoken.  It is cleansing, harmonizing, balancing, revitalizing and healing.  It can be used to restore equilibrium to our energy system.
- Ted Andrews, Sacred Sounds

Member Boulder Healing Arts Association