Dr. Paula Lent
Insightful Angel
1918 Pine
Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 545-6833
A gifted luminary for over 25 years, Paula is a recognized international healer, spiritual consultant and teacher, as well as a doctor of chiropractic. She resides in the lovely lap of the Rockies in Boulder, Co., where she receives people of all ages and backgrounds for hands on healing, spiritual consultations and guidance workshops
Early on, Paula was able to hear the voices of the angels and of her spiritual Mother. It was not until she was older that she needed to hear them more than ever. She allowed the world and its influences to penetrate her mind and senses, lost her way for a while, then found it again in an ashram in California where she trained as a yogi and became a spiritual guide.
Paula  began serious study of the spirit world after the passing of her beloved mother, and would then become a healing practitioner.  She was led to the jungles of Brasil where the indigenous people introduced her to healer beings and their powerful magic and mysticism. Since then, Paula has used her gifts as a medium, healer and spiritual guide to lovingly assist people in their quest for insight, direction, healing of their own spirit and ultimately, firmly to place their feet on their destined path.

Intuitive Readings
In person or by phone
$80 for approximately 40 minutes.
On-line Questions
$20 each.
Hands on Healing sessions
In person at the Boulder office
$60 - 1/2 hour
$120 - one full hour
Client Feedback: 

I've known Dr. Paula Lent for at least six years. I first sought her help when my therapist suggested I see her for injuries I sustained from a bad fall. Dr. Lent was very sensitive that I was afraid and hurting and she treated me with care and gentleness. She healed me quickly and completely. I've continued to see Dr. Lent whenever I'm hurting. She's always there for me when I need her. I know that she will heal me, she always does. She's an extraordinarily gifted healer and is amazingly perceptive and highly skillful. She practices a widely diverse array of healing methodologies. Also, she's a wonderfully warm, open, honest and knowledgeable person and she's funny to boot! She always makes me laugh, which makes me feel better too!
......................Ann G., Arvada, CO

Paula has been profoundly instrumental to my personal and spiritual growth though her spiritual gifts for navigating celestial realms. I highly recommend her for guidance and clarity to assist you in your physical, spiritual and emotional healing and financial prosperity.
......................Katie, Albuquerque, NM