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Intuitive/Healing Practitioners

Intuitive/Healing Practitioners

A massage therapist since 1989, Angela brings the sensitivity and caring needed to make your experience one of well being, nurturing and spiritual alignment.  One result can be relief from pain due to muscle tension and stress.  She specializes in Swedish Massage with her focus on relaxation of the body thus encouraging a faster healing process and what she likes to call an 'Attitude Adjustment'.
Phone: 720-278-3329 (VM)
AMANDA ROMANO - Intuitive Energy Healing
Amanda is a certified intuitive healer who specializes in deep trauma release healing. Amanda is trained to see where trauma is stored in the body, and how it affects her client's current life. Unconscious patterns, unhealthy choices, and who and what we attract into our lives can all be traced back to energy. Her technique allows for release of blocks that keep us from abundance, health, joy, creativity, self-love, and healthy relationships.
Phone: 303.902.7094
Dr. FELICIA SANTELLI - Multi-Dimensional Healing
Felicia's main focus is to find, test, and treat the stress affecting the Immune System. She does this by incorporating many different Integrated Alternative Techniques.
The result enables the person to achieve balance in the mind-body-spirit connection. This is the foundation of true wellness!
Phone: 303-652-6042.
PAULA ELOFSON-GARDINE - Mediumship, Intuitive counseling, Tarot Readings
Paula Elofson-Gardine is an accomplished Medium since 1976. As a "hereditary" intuitive, she has the unique ability to see inter-dimensional activity since childhood. Paula uses the Tarot to help the client relax and understand the messages as she discusses their Afterlife family. An energy healer since 1970, Paula is also a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master teacher. She offers classes and private sessions. Her channeled automatic writings can be viewed on her website.
Phone: 303.601.9271
Dr. ALAN McALLISTER - Clairvoyant Readings, Energetic Healing
Alan is an ordained minister and offers Clairvoyant Readings, Christ Force Healing, Reiki, Shiatsu, Rebirthing, Teaching Energy Tools. He is available for phone readings and distance healing and has a comprehensive web site detailing his training and other information.  Alan is also a certified hypnotherapist and has his practice in Boulder.
WES POTEET - Tarot and Oracle Card Readings
Wes has long been fascinated by serendipity and synchronicity, by the possibilities that lie outside what we call real. With that inside, he is starting a journey to connect with others through intuitive readings with Oracle and Tarot cards.
Phone: 303-870-9924
SUSAN HURST - Intuitive counseling, Tarot with gemstone readings
Susan has over 40 years of experience in her field of intuitive counseling and Tarot. She participated in a weekly Edgar Cayce Study Group for 8 years in Houston, Texas, learning about interpreting dreams through individual's symbology. An intuitive since childhood, and an NDE survivor gives Susan unique insights.
Phone: 303-233-7225
DANA BALLARD - Reiki, Reiki for pets, Oracle Cards

Dana is a Certified Reiki Master, which allows her to both practice and teach reiki.  Along with the skills she has learned from her training, she uses her natural gift of intuition and empathy, allowing her to tune into her client’s needs for their greater healing.  Dana also uses Crystals, oracle cards, and essential oils in her practice.  Her clients consist of the young, old, men, woman, including those with special needs, and animals.
Phone: 303-827-4226
NICOLE KASEMIR - Healing Touch
Nicole, a Registered Nurse with a BA in psychology, is a Holistic Nurse, and has been a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Healing Touch Certified Instructor (HTCP/I) for more than 16 years through Healing Touch Program (HTP); she is qualified to teach HT Level 1 to Level 3 and is a Qualified Mentor for HTP.
Phone: 303 772-4018
Keith is an Acupuncturist, Advanced Certified Rolfer, & Massage Therapist.  He has been practicing since 1993, & currently has both a Gunbarrel, & Boulder city office location.  Keith treats a wide variety of 'conditions', & has a solid Sports Medicine background, but really emphasizes a Wholistic approach.  He also has the unique ability to accept many forms of insurance: Medical, Workman's Comp, & Car Accident (Medpay).  Focus at the fair will be on Acupuncture.
Phone:  303-444-9355

Phone and email readings are also available from our practitioners,
along with distance energetic healing.