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Intuitive/Healing Practitioners

Intuitive/Healing Practitioners
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Dr. FELICIA SANTELLI - Multi-Dimensional Healing
Felicia's main focus is to find, test, and treat the stress affecting the Immune System. She does this by incorporating many different Integrated Alternative Techniques.
The result enables the person to achieve balance in the mind-body-spirit connection. This is the foundation of true wellness!
Phone: 303-652-6042.

ANGELA CRISAFULLI, LMT-  Massage, Pendulum Consultations
A massage therapist since 1989, Angela brings the sensitivity and caring needed to make your experience one of well being, nurturing and spiritual alignment. She specializes in Swedish Massage with her focus on relaxation of the body thus encouraging a faster healing process and what she likes to call an 'Attitude Adjustment'. Angela also does pendulum consultations regarding issues you wish to explore.
Phone: 720-278-3329 (text)
EMILY WINGEIER -  Body work and Energetic Healing
With a Masters in Special Education. (Emphasis: Therapeutic Alternatives for ADHD), Emily has been practicing in the Boulder area for many years. She offers a great variet of modalities. These are some of her offerings: Amygdala clearing for trauma, Energy & Applied Kinesiology, Acupressure, Craniosacral Therapy, Massage, Tuning Forks Sound therapy for meridians and chakras.
Phone: 303-517-3132
JULIE WEBER - Tarot, Pendulum and Chart Readings
Enjoy an interactive, empowering, and illuminating intuitive reading through Tarot, pendulum, and chart reading.  Gain insights to living your intuitively guided life.
Julie began her exploration of healing modalities over 20 years ago and  has experienced and employed various modalities including Reiki, Spiritual Response Therapy, Bach Flower Essences, Perelandra Essences, Essential Oils, The Body Talk System, Soul Retrieval, Past Life Regression, and Shamanic Journeying among many others. Additionally, Julie has participated in and lead a multitude of classes, workshops, and training, including Abraham Hicks conferences.
Phone: 888.824.4220
LISA RICE -  Intuitive Guidance and Energetic Healing
Lisa is a certified professional coach, hypnotherapist, Reconnective healing practioner and intuitive and healing coach. She provides alternative healing and guidance to restore balance, harmony and passion to your life. Lisa assists people who need help recovering from emotional wounds, bullying and traumas as well as those who just have an area of their life that needs “tweaking”.  I am a Spiritual and Professional  Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, an Intuitive, and a Medium. In addition, I do Reconnective Healing for people and animals.

Phone and email readings are also available from our practitioners,
along with distance energetic healing.