BHA  Psychic Fair
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Intuitive/Healing Practitioners

Intuitive/Healing Practitioners

DAN LISS - Tarot Card Readings
Dan Liss offers tarot readings, rune readings, Reiki healing and past life regressions to assist people in seeking spiritual and intuitive guidance and energetic healing. Dan also works with clients to create personal rituals for special occasions, such as handfastings, house blessings, crossing over, divorce, creating new relationships, career change or other needs. He has been reading cards for more than 40 years, runes for over 15 years, doing Reiki and past lives since the mid-90s. Dan also has available a wide selection of Tarot decks for purchase at the fair.
Phone: 720-468-2624
ANGELA CRISAFULLI, LMT-  Massage, Pendulum Consultations
A massage therapist since 1989, Angela brings the sensitivity and caring needed to make your experience one of well being, nurturing and spiritual alignment. She specializes in Swedish Massage with her focus on relaxation of the body thus encouraging a faster healing process and what she likes to call an 'Attitude Adjustment'. Angela also does pendulum consultations regarding issues you wish to explore.
Phone: 720-278-3329 (text)
PAULA ELOFSON-GARDINE - Mediumship, Intuitive Counseling, Tarot Readings
Paula Elofson-Gardine is an accomplished Medium since 1976. As a "hereditary" intuitive, she has the unique ability to see inter-dimensional activity since childhood. Paula uses the Tarot to help the client relax and understand the messages as she discusses their Afterlife family. An energy healer since 1970, Paula is also a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master teacher. She offers classes and private sessions. Her channeled automatic writings can be viewed on her website.
Phone: 303-233-6677
SUSAN HURST - Intuitive Counseling, Tarot with Gemstone Readings
Susan has over 40 years of experience in her field of intuitive counseling and Tarot. She participated in a weekly Edgar Cayce Study Group for 8 years in Houston, Texas, learning about interpreting dreams through individual's symbology. An intuitive since childhood, and an NDE survivor gives Susan unique insights.
Phone: 303-233-6677
CAROL SKYLARK - Light-Body Activation Portraits with Carol Skylark
Over 35 years of clairvoyant reading and spiritual healing combine with Carol's intricate portrait painting of your body and aura. She combines 'SEEING' your aura in action, HEALING densities and traumas, 'READING' your story of memory pictures, CHANNELING guidance for your life challenges and PORTRAYING your body and aura via paints and brushes onto a solid white board. She then  coaches you on how to clear, brighten and forcefully energize your life. Audio tape of the reading is included with the Portrait.
Phone:  970 225-6981.   
Dr. FELICIA SANTELLI - Multi-Dimensional Healing
Felicia's main focus is to find, test, and treat the stress affecting the Immune System. She does this by incorporating many different Integrated Alternative Techniques.
The result enables the person to achieve balance in the mind-body-spirit connection. This is the foundation of true wellness!
Phone: 303-652-6042.
JEANNETTE KASEMIR - Root reading, Tea leaf or Tarot Readings
Jeannette is an author, martial arts instructor, medicine woman, and Samsara Cycle psychic. Owner of 8 Hands Martial Arts School and Panthers' Gate Metaphysical School & Shop in Broomfield, CO. Her book is titled 'Alchemy for the Soul.' She will be providing tea leaf readings and more.
Phone: 253-335-2556
BETH SHANAHAN  - ARCH Healing, Intuitive Guidance
Beth P. Shanahan
Beth is both a full Reiki Master and a full ARCH (Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing) Master, which is a quantum leap beyond Reiki. (See ARCHHEALING.COM).  Her many professional certifications include: animal healing and communication; Other Side mediumship; grief counseling; group counseling; family counseling, house clearings, medical intuition, and many more certifications as a channel for both Divine energy, and Divine guidance.  Beth is assisting Earth's current ascension process as a spiritual teacher who can answer your questions regarding the many changes that are occurring in 2013 and beyond.  In her professional work, Beth’s sincere intent is to help others with whatever will be for their highest good. She empowers others to achieve freedom from fear and anxiety with sacred wisdom imparted with kindness, compassion, and love.
DIANE BRENNAN -Beyond Chiropractic Body Restoration

Diane Brennan has been practicing bodywork since 1984 in Colorado. A graduate of the University of Michigan with a BA in Education, her interests and skills drew her into becoming a certified massage therapist, energy healer and Somatics practitioner.   Diane brings you a unique form of bodywork that releases chronic tension on the spine. This allows the body to restore itself back to its original alignment.  She can relieve soft tissue pain due to injuries, accidents, surgery or repetitive motion.  Experience the quality of life getting your original functioning body back can give you!
Phone: 970-744-0151
DOE KELLY - Reiki, Breathwork
Doe Kelly, Reiki III (master level practitioner), and angelic singer with a degree in voice, is a multi-faceted healing artist, practicing Reiki in both Boulder & Longmont, and teaching Holistic Voice from her Longmont home studio. She has a decades long history with Reiki, as well as the original rebirthing breathwork. As a voice coach/teacher she is skilled at providing safe space where people are supported in opening up to a sense of greater possibility for themselves as well as their voices. She helps guide students (and Reiki clients) to a greater sense of spiritual embodiment, gleaned from her own “from the inside out” experience of Kundalini activation and cleansing.
Phone: 303-834-8499
LAURA GRAZIANO, LMT - Therapeutic Massage
Laura has an integrative style of massage which includes Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, and Couples Massage.  Located in Niwot, she is in the process of opening a new office in Cottonwood Square but you can call or email for an appointment.
Phone: (303) 588-4121

Phone and email readings are also available from our practitioners,
along with distance energetic healing.