Regina Sisco
Lifecoach, CC
Arvada/Boulder, CO

What a powerful process. You are a natural. By asking the right questions you quickly went to the core of “my story” which allowed me to let go and move forward.”

Individual Coaching:
$60 -1/2 hr; $90 -3/4 hr;  $120 -hr paid in advance monthly.
Group Coaching:
Rates determined by class length and topic.  1.5 hr from $25-$50 per session.
To help define direction, engage in visioning for your future and discuss how to get started in the direction you want to go.
$150 per 1.0 hour

Coaching sessions are conducted by phone. If you would like to meet in person, those arrangements can often be made.
Part time hours:
South Boulder Chiropractic 4150 Darley Ave
Boulder, CO 80305
Office hours in Arvada.
Call 720-771-1116 to schedule an appointment.

Meet Regina 

With 25 years in the business world in the field of Human Resources and now as a Certified Life Coach, I have been helping people to achieve greater clarity in their career and personal issues for decades. My experiences cover a range of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, education, aerospace and service. I am an experienced trainer, certified in leadership and career training courses, executive coaching and a speaker.
Are you ready to move forward to reach your magnificence?
What has been holding you back from moving forward?
Do you really deserve happiness, abundance, love and peace?
Of course you do. We all do. Coaching is an empowering co-creative process for those who are ready to move forward in their lives. We are all here to uncover our gifts and share them with each other. The coaching process supports and uplifts you, it helps move you forward to reach your goals.
My own personal journey has taken many paths of self-discovery -- spawned by personal life changes and loss, then to travels of learning other cultures and histories, to metaphysical studies and meditation, then completing studies to be a Reiki and Thought Field Therapy practitioner.
Life Coaching 
As your coach I am here to help you to meet your goals and agendas at every session. With that in mind we will be looking at the whole you, not just one aspect of you. These holistic aspects are physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and financial. I include financial because this is one of our basic human needs and many of us have limiting beliefs around prosperity and abundance. Whatever goals you would like to reach effects all aspects of you. The co-creative path that we establish will include a balanced and integrated approach to all aspects of the self. During our coaching sessions, you will likely let go of old beliefs that no longer serve you and define new beliefs that support your growth and forward motion in all of these areas. You will evolve to a whole new you during this co-creative coaching process.
We are not one dimensional beings, we are multi-dimensional. We juggle many roles in our lives- as parents, sons/daughters, employer, employee, care-giver, teacher, and spouse/significant other. We all have many demands pulling at us. Some are placed there by others and some we place on ourselves. Usually the demands we place on ourselves are old belief systems that supported us in early stages of life but aren’t really up to date today. These behaviors are so second nature to us we don’t even notice, until we are ready to change and grow. This is how we can get stuck, we don’t know what “it” is or how to move forward. The coaching process will help you to uncover these hidden areas to help you to move forward with ease and grace in reaching your goals.
Inspired by the decisions unfolding in my own life, I decided to attend one of Regina's Vision Board workshops. The pace of the workshop and Regina's guidance were welcoming and provided a space for a brief but honest self-exploration. I appreciated the ability to creatively represent my goals for the year in visual form, finding magazine pictures and words to represent what I hoped to accomplish and how I hoped to continue to grow as a person. Although I was nervous to present my poster to the group, everybody was very supportive of each other, even as very personal and emotionally trying issues came out for some people, myself included. In the end, Regina helped me realize how rich my life is already! If you would like a supportive, guided exercise to help clarify your life goals, I recommend one of these workshops.
............. Sara, Boulder

Regina, what I found to be so impressive about the Vision Board workshop was that you so strongly emphasized the positive. I walked out of there feeling very loved and empowered because of how well you took care of each and every participant. Thank you.
........... Deb, Boulder, CO
Member - Boulder Healing Arts Association