Shawn Butler and Nicole Vollmerhausen are Reiki Masters in Boulder Colorado.  Nicole is also a clairvoyant reader and animal communicator.
Reiki Master
Energetic Healer
Reiki master Shawn Butler combines Reiki (which stimulates and balances the major chakras) with Axiotonal work (which focuses on the matrix of minor chakras). The intention is to reconnect us with our true, benevolent selves, with others, and our surroundings. Practicing since 1997, Shawn often joins his wife Nicole (also a Reiki Master) in Gentle Feathers Healing, through which they offer collaborative sessions and attunements in which the recipient benefits from a balance of masculine and feminine energy and wisdom.

Shawn Butler
Boulder, CO
What is Reiki?
Reiki is a form of hands on healing that originated from Japan that has created a healing movement and awakening across the planet. It was rediscovered in the late 1800's by a Japanese priest, Dr. Mikao Usui, who was asked about the healing that Jesus performed in the Bible. When he was unable to explain he took it upon himself to discover the way these healings took place. After seven years of searching he finally found what he was looking for in an old Buddhist book that spook of a healing Buddha. He was then guided to fast and meditate upon a mountain for twenty-one days and at the end he had an enlightening experience that opened him up to what we call Reiki today.
The word Reiki (Ray-Key) means (Rei) spirit or soul, (Ki) life force energy and when combined it means spiritually guided life force energy. It is transferred from one another through the hands. Reiki can also transcend time and space so that it is possible to help heal the traumas of our past or send to a loved one across the seas. It is a profound and yet simple form of healing. A practitioner will normally go through a process of laying his or her hands on various centers or chakra points on the body. By setting their intentions on healing, they become vessels or channels of the light and love that heals. Many people recall a deep sense of relaxation and some even speak of having out of body experiences, in any case when the body is most relaxed it has the greatest potential of letting go of what has put us in a state of dis-ease, which would allow the body to return to it's natural state of well being.
This is Reiki's greatest strength in that it can show us where we are stuck and even help us get un-stuck if we are truly open to the idea of being healed. Many states of dis-ease become deeply rooted patterns within our lives and ones that we are afraid of letting go of because we become vulnerable or do not really want to face our problems in life. If you are someone who is interested in Reiki, either for treatments or to become a practitioner, be prepared to face yourself and all your fears because when we truly open ourselves to "Reiki" we realize that this is who we are at our core. We are light, we are love and when we realize that, there is nothing that can stop us from reaching our goals in life.
Reiki is a powerful tool that can assist us in reaching optimal health and well-being. It can help us with difficult transitions, to grow spiritually and transform our lives into our hearts desire. It also can enhance the body's own ability to balance and heal. 
Reiki Master
Intuitive Counselor
Animal Communicator
Nicole has been trained in aura healings, pet readings, and psychic readings through Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder. She graduated from their year long clairvoyant program and pet reading class in summer of 2009. Nicole is currently in a four month 'Ministers in Training' class and in a six month Spiritual Healing class. A Reiki Master, Nicole often collaborates with her husband Shawn, bringing additional healing and balance to their clients.

Shawn and Nicole offer free 15/20 minute Reiki treatments in Boulder on the 2nd Sunday of every month from 7-9pm.
Location:  Elements Therapeutic Massage, in between Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottage, on 30th & Pearl Street. Practitioners and newcomers are welcome.
Call Shawn or Nicole at 720-771-7975 for appointment.
Members - Boulder Healing Arts Association