Healing Arts/Holistic Health Sampler

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 A massage therapist since 1989, Angela brings the sensitivity and caring needed to make your experience one of well being, nurturing and spiritual alignment.  One result can be relief from pain due to muscle tension and stress.  She specializes in Swedish Massage with her focus on relaxation of the body encouraging a faster healing process and what she likes to call an 'Attitude Adjustment'.  She will be featuring Paraffin hand bath and hand massage.
Phone: 720-278-3329 (VM)
Clairvoyant Readings
Energetic Healing
 Alan is an ordained minister and also offers Clairvoyant Readings, Christ Force Healing, Reiki, Shiatsu, Rebirthing, Teaching Energy Tools. He is available for phone readings and distance healing and has a comprehensive web site detailing his training and other information.  Alan is also a certified hypnotherapist and has his practice in Boulder.
 Doe Kelly, Reiki III (master level practitioner), and angelic singer with a degree in voice, is a multi-faceted healing artist, practicing Reiki in both Boulder & Longmont, and teaching Holistic Voice from her Longmont home studio. She has a decades long history with Reiki, as well as the original rebirthing breathwork. As a voice coach/teacher she is skilled at providing safe space where people are supported in opening up to a sense of greater possibility for themselves as well as their voices. She helps guide students (and Reiki clients) to a greater sense of spiritual embodiment, gleaned from her own “from the inside out” experience of Kundalini activation and cleansing.
Phone: 303-834-8499
E-Mail: pandora108@juno.com
Beyond Chiropractic Body Restoration
 Diane Brennan has been practicing bodywork since 1984 in Colorado. A graduate of the University of Michigan with a BA in Education, her interests and skills drew her into becoming a certified massage therapist, energy healer and Somatics practitioner.   Diane brings you a unique form of bodywork that releases chronic tension on the spine. This allows the body to restore itself back to its original alignment.  She can relieve soft tissue pain due to injuries, accidents, surgery or repetitive motion.  Experience the quality of life getting your original functioning body back can give you!
Phone: 970-744-0151
Reiki for pets
Oracle Cards
 Dana is a Certified Reiki Master, which allows her to both practice and teach reiki.  Along with the skills she has learned from her training, she uses her natural gift of intuition and empathy, allowing her to tune into her client’s needs for their greater healing.  Dana also uses Crystals, oracle cards, and essential oils in her practice.  Her clients consist of the young, old, men, woman, including those with special needs, and animals.
Phone: 303-827-4226
Techniques and modalities offered through or by individual practitioners or Boulder Healing Arts Association are not intended to replace regular medical care.   Please consult a qualified health care provider for any health problems you have or suspect you may have.