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Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us. Your comments and suggestions are important to us. If you would like more information about the association, our events, or would like an application to join our association as a practitioner or associate, send an E-mail to:

P. O. Box 602
Longmont, CO 80502-0602
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About our Healing Arts/Holistic Health Samplers and Fairs 

The practitioners who participate in the Healing Arts/Holistic Health Samplers are seasoned professionals with extensive training who use the Samplers to promote and educate the public about holistic healing and alternative therapies.
The main reason for the samplers/fairs is to give the public an opportunity to experience alternative methods of healing in a safe environment without spending too much money.  In this way they can decide if certain methods and/or practitioners are appropriate for them. Another reason is to help people receive alternative healing treatments who are unable to afford regular sessions at the moment.  We do them as a clinic, so to speak.  Many people may not be able to afford $60 - $100 an hour or more for treatments, but most can afford $15 for 20 minutes of healing work.  They can also use more than one modality if necessary and spend more than 20 minutes if agreed upon with the practitioner. Some modalities require more time to be effective.
BHA samplers/fairs are also used by practitioners to network; to trade with each other in order to receive healing for ourselves, and to experience the work of others in order to build a referral base. These events also give beginners an opportunity to work with the public in a relaxed but structured atmosphere.
Bottom Line - The most important part of our holistic fairs is in giving everyone an opportunity to use/experience holistic healing.
A good intuitive reader will not make decisions for you. Intuitive readings can provide good insights, information, guidance and second opinions. Learning to listen to your own instincts and intuition is the best way to apply what you have learned from your psychic reading. Do not base any actions in your life solely on the information given to you by a reader. You are the one ultimately responsible for everything you do. Therefore, you must be the one who ultimately makes the decision. Let your intuitive reading give you insight, options and ideas for what action to take.

Techniques and modalities offered through or by individual practitioners or Boulder Healing Arts Association are not intended to replace regular medical care.   Please consult a qualified health care provider for any health problems you have or suspect you may have.