Healing Arts/Holistic Health Sampler

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Intuitive Readings/Energetic Healing

Reiki for pets
Oracle Cards
 Dana is a Certified Reiki Master, which allows her to both practice and teach reiki.  Along with the skills she has learned from her training, she uses her natural gift of intuition and empathy, allowing her to tune into her client’s needs for their greater healing.  Dana also uses Crystals, oracle cards, and essential oils in her practice.  Her clients consist of the young, old, men, woman, including those with special needs, and animals.
Phone: 303-827-4226
A good intuitive reader will not make decisions for you. Intuitive readings can provide good insights, information, guidance and second opinions. Learning to listen to your own instincts and intuition is the best way to apply what you have learned from your psychic reading. Do not base any actions in your life solely on the information given to you by a reader. You are the one ultimately responsible for everything you do. Therefore, you must be the one who ultimately makes the decision. Let your intuitive reading give you insight, options and ideas for what action to take.

Techniques and modalities offered through or by individual practitioners or Boulder Healing Arts Association are not intended to replace regular medical care.   Please consult a qualified health care provider for any health problems you have or suspect you may have.