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Sheri Anspach, MA
Boulder, CO
Phone: 303-444-3411
Fax: 303-443-9816
About Sheri 
Sheri has been intuitive since she was a child. She's always been able to discern the inner lives of both people and animals. The more she listens and works with her intuition the more she learns. Now she shares her gifts for either people or their pets by giving intuitive readings, counseling or healing sessions. She is now teaching others about their intuition and healing abilities for themselves, their animals and others. Sheri is also a professional counselor with a BA in Music and Imagery Therapy, and an MA with an emphasis in Psychology, Counseling, and Education.  A Reiki Master and Theta Healing Practitioner, Sheri has 58 years of experience listening to, learning from, and using her intuition to help others.  She has had over 40 years of training and is still learning.
Animal Communication  
Reiki and Theta Healing for Animals
Reiki and Theta Healing for Humans
Intuitive and Traditional Counseling
Computer Coach
Animal Communication
Sheri's unique ability to understand the thoughts and feelings of animals allows her to provide them and their owner-guardians with profoundly accurate communication, healing and comfort. Sheri has enhanced her natural gifts by becoming a Reiki Master, taking both of Rosemary McArthur’s Healing workshops, earning a B.A. and M.A. in Psychology, and becoming certified as a Music-Centered Psychotherapist trained in the method of Helen Bonny, Ph.D.
Sheri also employs Prayer Work, Bach Flower Remedies, Tarot and Astrology as needed in her treatments. Whether in person, over the phone, via emails, or with long-distance communication and energy work, Sheri has been able to pinpoint the areas of misunderstanding and bring clarity to guardians about their animals. She helps resolve pet behavior issues by identifying hidden needs of the pet. From her earliest memories, animals have always been a refuge and a comfort for Sheri, and they somehow sense that she is able to understand and help them as a gifted Animal Communicator.
The gentle healing energy of Reiki and Theta Healing for:
Accelerates the animal’s ability to heal and bring itself back into balance
Seems to clean, harmonize, and detoxify the body, increasing the effectiveness of medication and treatment for the animal
Can reduce pain, discomfort, and stress
Relaxation and enhances health, both physically and emotionally
From this simple and gentle transfer of energy you can receive a powerful experience from ancient wisdom.  Reiki and Theta Healing accelerate the body’s ability to heal physical and mental disorders. This simple invitation to conscious living can help Reduce stress, Release pain or discomfort, Deepen relaxation, Enhance health and well being
Traditional and Intuitive Counseling,
Sheri often incorporates the following methodologies in sessions:
Intuitive Readings for Personal or Relationship Issues, Counseling and Healing
Music and Imagery Therapy (the work of Helen Bonny)
Mandala Assessment (Art Therapy)
Reiki and Theta Healing
Bach Flower Essences
Prayer Work
Computer Coaching

Troubleshooting software and hardware issues, updating drivers, running security software
Teach how to use software programs, including: email programs (aol, msn, yahoo, etc.), word processor programs (Word, Wordperfect, MS Works), Outlook, Quicken, and others.
Teach how to move pictures from digital cameras to computer; scan pictures or 35mm slides into My Pictures or PowerPoint, how to run a slide show, and so on.
Specialize in helping seniors with computer set up, internet usage, and software usage.
Felt so good from Reiki session.  I just wanted to call you and tell you how wonderful that was yesterday!  I don't know when I have slept so well, Sheri…  I did not get up once during the night.  I woke at 5am and it was pure heaven.  I have had no pain since I saw you.  That is real magic for me!  I love you and really appreciate what you did.
...............Jean, 76 years old.