Rev. Patricia Camp

Tricia Camp
Patricia is an ordained and licensed minister.  Since 2003 she has worked with a website for people with mood disorders.  Moderating the Spirituality and Creativity Forums, she recognized the need for everyone to have a way to believe, not only in a higher power, but in themselves.  Patricia is a member of the Board of Directors.  

By finding and bringing out an individual's Divine Light during a reading or healing, she feels it can give an individual a place to begin a path of self-discovery.

Patricia's talents include Intuitive Readings, Aura Readings and Healings, Reiki, Osho Zen Tarot Readings, Long distance readings and healings including pre and post surgery.

She is also available for weddings and other spiritual ceremonies.
Tricia can be reached at: (303) 886-6481.  EMAIL TRICIA

Intuitive Readings
General information may include:
Past lives  ~  Spirit Guides
Money  ~  Career

Aura Readings

Intuitive information on the 7 layers of the aura. How they influence you, your moods, actions and reactions.

This helps balance energies into positive or neutral states.

General information may include:
Current situation, catalyst for change, outcome
Communication on a single subject.

You can meet Tricia at BHA events such as Psychic Fairs, Healing Arts Samplers and future workshops TBA.
Tricia is also active at events at Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder.
Member - Boulder Healing Arts Association